Choices and Illusions: How Did I Get to Where I Am, and How Do I Get Where I Want to Be?

ChoicesIllusions425x640By Eldon Taylor

Hay House

This revised edition of a New York Times bestseller is based on 30 years of research and includes 5 new chapters. All of these years later, Taylor still recommends, “Don’t be manipulated by others.” He suggests instead, “Understand your own mind and be your own person.”

Taylor uses case studies and research results to support his theory of how minds work and beliefs develop. He explains in depth how our minds work and demonstrates how illusions affect our visual reference system. The reader is urged to be aware of the pervasiveness of manipulation, whether it is from the media or peers influencing decisions.

Stressors such as anger, fear, blame and shame also influence choices. Taylor describes blames as “The ability to displace responsibility.” Taylor suggests readers learn what and why they make the choices they do. He includes an access code for a free audio download. By reflecting on and nurturing the power of the mind, one can make informed choices. He reviews how one’s life beliefs affect and dictate reality and discusses the 3 C’s in life: choice, chance and change. Whatever you choose, don’t limit yourself.

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Last Updated on July 20, 2015