Kids’ Power-Healing Games for Children of Alcoholics

KidsPower102x160By Jerry Moe and Don Pohlman

Imagin Works

Puppet play for the younger children and a crossword puzzle for older kids — these games and more are available to assist adults who interact with children who have been affected by the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction.

For 15 years, Moe and Pohlman have been conducting education/support groups for children 6 to 12 years old. They offer games and suggestions to help children “Play their way to understanding and health.” They do this with a specially designed collection of games and activities centered on feelings, the disease of chemical dependency, family, defenses, problem solving and self-esteem.

Each game includes an affirmation the child may use and comments to assist facilitators with the game process. While readers who are adult children of alcoholics may recognize themselves when they were younger, anyone involved with children may find value in these healing games.

A 12 Steps for Kids, similar to AA’s 12 Steps but modified so young children can understand, is included so they don’t have to wait until they are grown to begin their recovery. Resources include books, pamphlets and films, and hope.

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Last Updated on July 20, 2015