Welcome Spring with Health, Fitness, and Cooking apps

With the weather finally heating up (goodbye snowpocalypse!) it’s that time of year again when we layer down and show some skin. For those of you who didn’t exactly get that body you’ve been hoping for during this year’s hellish winter… don’t stress.

From running to biking to cooking, here are some apps that will get you in tip-top shape in time for next winter:

1.MapMyRun – For all the runners out there, MapMyRun allows you to record your workout details including the time span, distance, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned. It uses the GPS in your mobile to see the exact route you’ve traveled on the map and lets you view your workout history. Available on iOS and Android (Free)

2. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker – As the weather gets hotter, our lives get busier with a flurry of outdoor activities and adventures taking over our schedule. By counting calories for you and creating a personalized diet regime, this app saves you time and hassle allowing you to get on a regime in no time! Available on iOS and Android (Free)

3. Nudge – This all-in-one dashboard syncs with the most popular wearables to create an overall health score, The Nudge Factor. This number not only gives you an overall snapshot of your health so you know what areas need improvement (fitness, diet, sleep,etc.) but it also allows you to compare your progress with your friends and coworkers, no matter what wearables they use. Available on iOS and Android (Free)

4. MapMyRide – For those who prefer biking, this app is similar to MapMyRun as it incorporates all it’s features, allowing you to track your cycles. You can also use the app to find groups, routes and events that suit your biking needs. Available on iOS and Android (Free)

5. 7 Minute Workout – For those of us who want maximum results but don’t have a lot of time, 7 Minute Workout will generate a workout based around the science of high intensity circuit training to help increase results and decrease time commitment. With this app anyone with 7 minutes of free time daily can get in shape.Available on iOS ($2.99) and Android (Free)

6. Grokker – This app brings yoga, fitness and cooking all together in tutorial videos by experts. This way, by summer arrives, not only will you be slimmer, but you’ll be a yoga guru and next iron chef as well.

Last Updated on July 23, 2015