When Did You Die?

WhenDidYouDie413x6558 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day and Start Waking Up

By Temple Hayes

Health Communications, Inc.

Hayes shares with the readers that she is amazed to be alive. She grew up in a violent and neglectful home. She admits she’s been in many automobile accidents and many times she drank enough alcohol to kill herself. Yet she didn’t die. However, each day she denied who she was, dying a little more each day.

Hayes states, “Many people do not realize that there are many layers of being asleep and dying while we are living.” She offers readers techniques to help them notice disconnected or drained feelings and tools to replace these feelings with energy and passion for life. She provides reflective questions to facilitate the process.

Readers can review the 8 steps described in chapters filled with words of encouragement and questions to help identify practical helpful solutions. For example, Step One, How to Put Your Whole Self into Your Life, helps the reader open their heart. Hayes states, “We must wake up. We must be born to who we truly are.”

Each step ends with specific “Ideas to Process and Integrate.” Following Step Six, How to Allow Your Dreams to Become Real, she recommends that readers get and use a shamanic song to assist with the process of waking up. She describes how to get one and how her song benefitted her own process of waking up.

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Last Updated on July 23, 2015