Awakening Leadership: Embracing Mindfulness, Your Life’s Purpose, and the Leader You Were Born to Be

AwakeningLeadership150x238By Christine Horner

In The Garden Publishing

Are you a leader? Not just in your home or with friends and family, but in the work place? Horner believes that everyone has an “essential role to play in leading humanity toward a new era of true equality and prosperity.”

She introduces readers to the New Leadership Blueprint which is a move from the traditional approach of leadership to a framework that supports living on purpose. There are 30 points to it, such as, “Joy uplifts surrounding energy levels” and “Cultivating mindfulness creates non-judgmental spaciousness.” She experienced this paradigm shift of character-based leadership in 2009, while spending weeks in the hospital with her 11-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Are you standing in the way of your own success?

Last Updated on November 17, 2015