Fly-Fishing – The Sacred Art: Casting a Fly as a Spiritual Practice

FlyFishing150x231By Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer and Rev. Michael Attas, MD

SkyLight Paths Publishing

The book provide paired essays from Rabbi Eric: Stream and Spirit and Reverend Mike: Fishing into the Mystery, which reflect the authors’ diverse backgrounds; one is a Rabbi and the other is an Episcopal priest and physician.

Their common ground is identified in the topics they write about which include fly-fishing, and fly-tying, and fishing rods, and the various fish and rivers they fished, as well as nature and the spirituality of experiencing life on the trout streams. They both fill their reflective stories with historical facts. Folks who don’t enjoy fishing will still find the stories entertaining.

Each chapter includes a Reflection Question section and an Exercise section for reader participation. The intent is to improve the reader’s fishing skills and assist with their spiritual growth and spiritual practices. It does this through the joy and adventure of fly-fishing.

Last Updated on November 17, 2015