Interview with Your Self: Be Inner-Wise, Resolve Life’s Problems

INterviewYourself150x229By Mercedes Tur Escriva

Balboa Press

Tur Escriva asks, “Why are we creating this reality?” and then she helps the reader to “get clear on what is an illusion and what is real.” She describes the three different levels of looking at the same situation: the level of the body (material); the mind (logical process); and the level of the soul (wise self). She provides step-by-step instructions to help the reader understand how thinking can obstruct vision. Readers learn how their internal world creates the external world.

Interview questions include the topics of physical self, thoughts and beliefs, and spirituality. Exercises such as journaling may provide understanding. Daily meditation is also recommended.

She suggests readers do the process for three weeks. It leads to clarity and promotes trust and understanding of how to manage various situations

Last Updated on November 17, 2015