Holiday Poems


Poetry by P.A. Trebnick and Mary Cowette

Crossing the Bridge

My Bridge of worry, fear and fret, I need courage to beget,
To cross that Bridge that seems so far away,
Yet, here I cross it every day.

GiveGeeseChance259x300Early each morning, nature beckons me.
The birds, the city still awakening,
I strap up looking forward to another roll.

Sunlight shining, the crisp fresh air, I say,
Thank You Dad! Thank You Day!
How much I appreciate this time to reflect while I play.

My favorite is passing over the bridge.
I pause to capture the reflections upon the lake,
The view of the cityscape.
I feel Stillness, Peace deep within.

Down the gentle hill I glide in a crouch, recalling memories of
A distant downhill race I ride.
Approaching the light pole, I start to slow.
Up from the crouch, I begin to go.
How I love to twist and turn, again side-to-side,
Left then right.

Steady, steady, stride, glide and flow around the fingertip I go.
Signs greet me ONE WAY and chalked – DON’T GIVE UP!
What a wonderful message to perk me up!

Around the final curve I cruise, knowing my blade is ending soon.
I look across the lake to that bridge that seemed so far away,
Yet, here I cross it every day.

My Bridge of worries, fears and frets dwindle each day.
Crossing the bridge that seemed so far away,
Refreshes my Spirit,
Revives my Soul,
Recaptures my Self,
Until tomorrow, to another roll.

P.A. Trebnick


I Know A Girl

Her story is told
Gone are the darkness, despair and the pain
Loneliness slips away
She holds hope
AgnesPharo250x374In her eyes I see wisdom
In her soul peace
Her secrets become words without shame
She can dance
She can heal
She forgives
She embraces her past with acceptance
She places her flag on the highest peak
Purple, yellow, green, blowing in the wind
With outstretched arms she rises
Her voice is heard for miles and miles
Poetic, strong and free
After her long courageous search
I am found

Mary Cowette


Last Updated on July 24, 2016