The Little Book of Love: Heart and Soul and The Little Book of Mindfulness: Focus. Slow Down. De-stress.

LittleBookofLove150x189By Tiddy Rowan


These are really tiny books of knowledge, full of interesting thoughts and quotes. Both of these small books would make wonderful gifts for oneself or someone else.The Little Book of Mindfulness is a collection of over 150 mindful techniques and exercises to help one achieve calmness, joy, and happiness. Rowan suggests, “Be non-judgmental in your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It is important sometimes to let things be, just as they are, and allow them to breathe without questioning or fixing.”

LittleBookofMindfulness150x182The Little Book of Love is a collection about the topic of love, and the many forms it comes in. Rowan states, “Everyone has a love story to tell. And, if not yet, they can be sure that one day they will. It is just a matter of time.”

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Last Updated on January 22, 2016