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Poems by Francisco Narvaez and Mike A Jackson

Touched by changes

Impasse after impasse
Cars drift by billowing smoke in the night sky
Poison! Poison! We yell as we laugh inhaling the sick gas
The piff pass as I sit back
Demons dastardly convince me im not cashed
Ask God why and Allah
Jehovah puts his arm around my shoulder
Not high
They say son just listen
You’re powerless so don’t get to no bickering
I start sniffling
Cus I know I know
Unfortunately my mind goes and goes
Back to the original plan of attack
Its like my mind is a mac a tec and a .45
Pointing at myself and my damn lies
Why Why
It’s alright
I done found a safety net
Just 12 steps
Gone have to take a few bets I detest
Take a risk i’l be burned at each turn
Old lessons spurned and new learned

by Francisco Narvaez


Black Angst

If I lived in the past I’d Garner the support of Martin
But in a hoody with Brown Skin they’d make me side with Malcolm
As I think of protesting with my Black brothers out in Baltimore
I know I’d just be screaming black lives matter til I can’t breathe no more

So forget it lets kick it and have a pool party
In the burbs with cute girls with bikini bodies
Peeped a chick who looked cute, I was bout to get to Mackin
Until I got cop blocked and he used his knee to cave her back in

I wish we could wipe out these pests with a BB gun
But these rats wear vests and shoot back with real ones
Tamir I hope you hear me, say what’s up to Aiyana Jones
She was only seven now you’re in heaven cause those devils came and bombed her home

Everyone’s searching for a leader and a good speech
People are marching and saying no justice no peace
Cops turned their back on the mayor I guess they don’t see
What’s the difference between a Biggie and Mr. King if it’s just dreams…

By Mike A. Jackson

Last Updated on November 19, 2015