Straight Talk from Claudia Black: What Recovering Parents Should Tell Their Kids about Drugs and Alcohol

StraightTalkBy Claudia Black, Ph.D.

Hazelden Publishing

Before you begin a discussion with your children on addiction, it may be helpful to clarify your motives and expectations, especially if you are talking about your drug/alcohol history and subsequent recovery.

Black is known for her work with family systems and addictive disorders. She uses five recovering parents and their different stories in this book. She takes the reader through the process of discussing addiction and recovery, new ways of relating, and creating healthy family traditions.

The last chapter describes how to speak to specific age groups. Remember, discussion is a process; not a one-time event. Black states, “Your children do not need you to be their best friend; they need you to be their best parent.”

Last Updated on March 26, 2016