Art Therapy – Top 10 Benefits

by Joan French In my therapy practice I treat clients of all ages who enter treatment for a number of different reasons. I consider my general approach to be Experiential, employing a broad range of interventions. As part of my offerings – I include art therapy. Many clients I encounter haven’t heard of it, and are unfamiliar as to how it might be able to help. I felt it was important to highlight the benefits of using art in therapy, so I’ve composed this,

AnneWilsonSchaef‘Art Therapy – Top 10 Benefits’ list:
1. Art Therapy can provide a forum to express strengths and genuineness.
2. Through viewing one’s own creation – one can improve the skill of self-observation.
3. What cannot be said with words – may be more easily expressed through the art.
4. Metaphors and stories emerge through the art – which can provide a ‘voice’ for material which may be difficult to express.
5. Art Therapy is active & physical, fun, and stimulating.
6. Emotions and art are closely connected; making art can aid in uplifting one’s mood.
7. Making art activates the whole brain and can foster integration of emotional, cognitive, and sensory processes.
8. Emerging and recurrent symbols expressed in the art can help to make unconscious material conscious.
9. Art can make the hidden – visible in an external & tangible way.
10. Art making provides an experience which is stress & anxiety reducing, relaxing, and decreases worry.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Art Therapy, please visit the American Art Therapy Association and Art Therapy Blog websites.

Last Updated on March 26, 2016