Living Long, Living Passionately, 75 (and Counting) Ways to Bring Peace and Purpose to Your Life

LivingLongLivingPassionatelyBy Karen Casey

Conari Press

Casey reveals she’s “been on the planet writing books and facilitating workshops for nearly half of my seventy- five years.” She is recognized as a long-time recovery expert and shares her personal story and experience of recovery in a 12 Step program.

She provides meditative essays and insights with follow-up questions for journaling. For example, “What have you passed on to a loved one that he or she may cherish?” In the section on Remembrances, Casey asks, “Whom do you remember clearly? And why? And whom do you hope will keep your spirit alive. And why?”

So, stop, pause, and breathe. And then answer the question, “If you could have a do-over, describe it. How does the do-over make you feel? Might you have amends to make?”

Casey states, “Journaling for a while about these questions will clarify what you believe, thus revealing to you some opportunities for new directions.” What an opportunity.

Last Updated on May 12, 2016