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Buddhism for Couples: A Calm Approach to Relationships

BuddhismForCouplesBy Sarah Napthali

The first chapter is about the difficulty of living as a couple. Other chapters cover letting go, battling negativity, and anger. Each chapter includes her observations on that topic and how she applied Buddhist teachings, specifically Buddha’s Four Noble Truths. This has enabled her to see more clearly using non-judgmental observation.

Each chapter closes with “Things to contemplate…” and “Things to do.” In the chapter on communication she provides her summary of communication in partnerships. For example, she suggests, “Stick to one point. Don’t discuss all your problems at once. You don’t have time.” Napthali suggests that during meditation, or even as you are going about your day, consider another’s difficulties and wish them well using traditional Buddhist words such as, “May she be happy,” or “May he be free from suffering,” and “May he feel safe.”

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