CalmBy Michael Acton Smith

A 2005 study found people who regularly practiced mindfulness meditation physically change their brains. Smith states, “A calm practice, incorporating meditation and mindfulness, can be as effective in treating the symptoms of depression and anxiety as drug-based treatments.” Are you ready to change your brain?

This is a beautiful book filled with colorful, easy to read pages of quotes and suggestions to help change your perspective and calm your life. It is based on the iPhone app and a calm app is provided to help start and continue a daily meditation practice. There is even a fun hidden origami feature included near the end of the book. 

Smith recommends using a journal and provides several fill-in- the-blank pages throughout the book. He suggests taking time at the end of the day to reflect on three questions: What made you feel calm today? What are you grateful for? What were the three highlights of today?

The benefits of achieving calmness include improved physical and mental health. One section in the book recommends using nature to assist with a shift to calmness. Smith states, “Spending time in nature is a shortcut to serenity.” Other sections cover work, creativity, children, travel, relationships, food, and sleep.

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Last Updated on September 6, 2016