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Hold onto your earmuffs, readers, for this issue of The Phoenix Spirit will appeal to a wide and colorful swath of tastes and interests. For the tree-huggers and otherwise environmentally minded, flip to the back cover and read how you, too, can ReWild yourself. 2017 may be the Year of Forest Ecotherapy for you and yours.

Have a penchant for horses? See Heather Jeffrey’s article about the therapeutic equine work being done at Acres For Life in Chisago City, MN. These gentle giants are muzzling their way into therapeutic plans across the country as treatment centers recognize that horses have something to teach us if we’ll only listen.

Upon embracing sobriety and reclaiming their lives, some of the clients who experienced equine therapy may then follow their bliss in one of Steve Buettner’s designated Blue Zones. Mary Lou Logsdon’s article, A Long Life, is about these zones of longevity and happiness as specified by Mr. Buettner. Her words will awaken the most ardent armchair traveler’s sense of spirit and adventure, compelling either a trip to the bookstore to buy one of Buettner’s books, or a visit to to check airfares.

As if all this isn’t enough to get your blood warming, previous Phoenix Spirit editor Pat Samples takes a candid yet amusing look workaholism and Step Six on page 7. Nutritionist Raina Goldstein Bunnag offers us to think about food. Think about food as in — what’s your food deal? Organic? Vegan? Creating your Food Philosophy invites us to look at our values, and maybe do a little research around what we fuel our bodies with and why. She provides the websites.

John Driggs, long-time Phoenix writer and social worker in St. Paul gives readers insights on managing stress. John provides anecdotes to make his articles real and personable, then sprinkles in his philosophy and suggestions for how to apply his theories to life.

Books of note are highlighted on page 5 by our illustrious book editor Barbara Kummer. Until reading this month’s column, I’ll admit I had never heard of an “expectation hangover” before. Who knew?

Lastly, Looking Both Ways in the New Year by Eleanor Ann Leonard is an inspirational piece about reflection, mindfulness, and oh, so much more. Enjoy.

Be good to yourselves, your loved ones, and a few foes this year. It’s the only 2017 you’ll ever have!

Last Updated on January 4, 2022