Soul Courage

Soul Courage, Watch what happens. By Tara-Jenelle WalschBy Tara-Jenelle Walsch

Rainbow Ridge Books

Do you believe that everything you desire to know is already inside of you, in your soul? Walsch does and she wants readers to “live through the magnificence of your Soul Courage.” Soul courage is defined as daring to be and own all of you without shame, judgment, or excuses.

She says that everyone already has Soul Courage and her process makes it accessible. Readers are given a formula to facilitate getting in touch with their True Self. Then, using the components of Feeling, Expressing, and Connecting to do that, supported by stories and self-reflective questions to help understand oneself more clearly, readers are able to identify and understand their Soul Mission.

Walsch is the founder of Soulebrate, a greeting card company, and Soulcialize, a personal development program which increases emotional awareness using willingness, vulnerability, and gratitude, among other things.

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Last Updated on February 6, 2020