The Call of the Day

The Call of the DayBy Jodi Hershey

Hershey encourages readers to always ask, “Am I coming from love or fear?” She helps readers connect through self-reflection with who they really are and how to move forward in their lives. The most important practice, in Hershey’s mind, is connecting daily with Universal Source. This can be done by meditation and prayer. Hershey states, “Act ‘As if’ while you are becoming, then one day you wake up and you are!”

Readers may be interested in transitioning from the Third Dimension to achieving the Fourth Dimension which means going from being dense in feeling to light in feeling. She describes the chakras and useful affirmations related to them. In one exercise, she has readers list their jobs and relationships to determine what is not working in their lives. She recommends using “stepping stones” which help visualize leaping onto the first stepping stone and then crossing to the other side successfully.

Hershey is a trained hypnotherapist and spiritual counselor. She describes the path she followed and provides examples and stories from her clients’ experiences.

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Last Updated on July 23, 2017