Reclaiming Your Body: Healing from Trauma and Awakening to Your Body’s Wisdom

By Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

New World Library

Scurlock-Durana has over three decades of experience teaching and using Cranio- Sacral Therapy and other bodywork modalities to help people heal from trauma by physical and emotional disease. In this book, she provides clear instructions to help readers understand how to reconnect with the wisdom of their body.

She includes individual’s stories to help describe the process of using one’s intuitive self to recognize the things that might be causing harm and the necessary steps to make changes. Each of the main wisdom areas, identified as the heart, gut, pelvis, legs and feet, and brain, has its own chapter. There are also simple questionnaires to help the reader improve their conscious awareness of their body and its messages.

The final chapter describes the action steps for a 28 day activity for opening to life intentionally by journaling and utilizing the Integrated Body Wisdom Exploration process. Readers will benefit from this book in seen and unseen ways.

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Last Updated on February 6, 2020