Seeking Treatment: Where Do We Go When We Are Finally Ready?

Fill in the blanks: Where do/does ________ I/my partner/child/friend/relative go for help with _______ my/his/ her __________ addiction/mental health needs/co-occurring disorder? The options are ____________confusing/mind boggling/ daunting.

A first step toward getting recovery and mental health services often begins with a phone call. From there, an intervention may be appropriate. Or a meeting with a chemical health assessor or psychologist. The information gleaned from such a professional will help inform the next steps.

Financial considerations, medical and psychological histories, and willingness to make a commitment to change play vital roles in determining next steps. These professionals also will discuss with you or your loved one practical matters such as home and work environments, support systems and legal and ethical matters.

After such communication and information gathering, the list of treatment options begins to come into focus. Look at them carefully — call or visit. And then? Take action. The rest of life is waiting for __________ you, your loved one, friend.

Arbor Place
Arbor Place strives to provide the best quality and most effective services, at an affordable price. Arbor Place, Inc. is a participating provider for several health insurance plans and is continually reviewing new insurance plans. If an individual does not have health insurance coverage, private pay is accepted. Arbor Place also contracts with counties in Wisconsin. Services provided are: Alcohol & drug evaluations, mental health evaluations, individual outpatient counseling, outpatient treatment groups, adult day treatment, adult residential treatment, medication management, intoxicated driver assessments, intoxicated driver intensive supervision program, alcohol awareness program I & II, teen tobacco diversion program, victim impact panel, addiction in the family seminar series and families in need of education & support individual program.
The new facility is located at
4076 Kothlow Ave, Menomonie, WI, 54751.

Beit T’Shuvah
Beit T’Shuvah’s mission is to guide individuals and families towards a path of living well, so that wrestling souls can recover from addiction and learn how to properly heal. The Beit T’Shuvah faithbased model, founded on authenticity and wholeness, integrates spirituality, psychotherapy, Jewish teachings, the 12 Steps, and the creative arts. They are a compassionate, supportive community, devoted to building an empowering sense of belonging and purpose to everyone who seeks it. Beit T’Shuvah believes everyone has the right to redemption, and practices never turning a single soul away due to their inability to pay… allowing for all who wish, to make T’Shuvah (redemption).
8831 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034;

People who are completing treatment for chemical dependency or compulsive gambling face many questions. One of the most critical is: “Where do I go from here?” Crossroads is a home-like residence for men and women who have completed treatment for chemical addiction or compulsive gambling and desire a supportive, therapeutic place to live while adjusting to life without addiction. Conveniently located in a beautiful residential area of Minneapolis, close to downtown, uptown and the Mall of America. Close to public transportation for easy access to work and school and within walking distance of parks and recreational areas.
866-719-0504 or 612-374-0504

Haven Chemical Health Systems LLC
Providing Inpatient and Outpatient Chemical Health Services in the 7 county metro area. Licensed residential and outpatient primary chemical dependency treatment. Our goal is to initiate a process of recovery by making the necessary lifestyle changes that promote long-term abstinence and recovery. With 3 residential facilities, Haven Chemical Health Systems has multiple ways to suit clients’ needs. One on One counseling, group counseling, family counseling, 12-step facilitation approach, brief intervention approach, contingency management motivational incentive, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention. Haven
Chemical Health Systems LLC
2042 Wooddale Dr., Woodbury, MN 55125,

Hazelden Betty Ford Center
Hazelden Betty Ford addiction treatment centers provide gender-specific, individually tailored residential and outpatient rehabilitation throughout the country. Each resident has a personal treatment team that includes a physician, nurse, psychologist, primary counselor, case manager, spiritual care counselor, family counselor, dietitian, fitness trainer, chemical dependency technician, and alumni services representative.

State-of-the-art addiction treatment centers include multidisciplinary clinical evaluations to determine a person’s treatment needs during addiction rehabilitation. Hazelden Betty Ford helps individuals, families, and communities struggling with alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and drug addiction, supporting them with a 12-Step based model.

Hazelden Adolescent and Young Adult Treatment Center…
helping adolescents, young adults and families impacted by the disease of addiction for more than 30 years. Young people between the ages of 12 to 25 welcome to find freedom from drugs, alcohol and mental health issues – and to restore hope.
763-509-3800, 11505 36th Avenue N., Plymouth, MN.

Melrose Center– Melrose heals eating disorders for both males and females of all ages. Our experienced team offers specialty programming for those struggling with an eating disorder and substance abuse – whether they are in recovery, treatment or still struggling with substance abuse. Locations in St. Louis Park, St. Paul and Maple Grove. Visit or call 952-993-6200.

Meridian Behavioral Health
Meridian comprises an entire family of programs addressing chemical and mental health. The company operates 10 outpatient clinics and seven inpatient addiction treatment facilities, including one it acquired in East Grand Forks, MN last year. With a large network, resources and multiple locations, Meridian is able to help a diverse range of individuals, with specialized programs for men, women and LGBT. In addition to residential and outpatient treatment services, Meridian also provides medicated assisted treatment. See website for full listing of programs, including inpatient and outpatient services for Men, Women and LGBT.;
phone 1-800-367-

NuWay House, Inc
Serving individuals recovering from chemical dependency since 1966, NuWay I and NuWay II provide individualized length of stay services for men and 3R’s Counseling Center is mixed gender. NuWay supports clients as they learn skills to maintain sobriety and health and integrate into a level of successful independent living in the community. Many clients have had previous attempts at recovery.
2518 1st Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404-4321;
Phone: (612) 872-0495;

PRIDE Institute
Founded in 1986, with over 14,000 graduates, PRIDE Institute is the nation’s first and leading provider of residential treatment programs and outpatient treatment programs devoted exclusively to treating the mental health and chemical dependency needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender community.
14400 Martin Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344;
phone 800-547-7433;

Progress Valley
Offering a full continuum of chemical health services including initial chemical health assessments, residential treatment, outpatient relapse prevention, and sober housing. Programs designed using evidence-based best practices to help chemically dependent men and women lead responsible, fulfilling, chemical-free lives. Services specifically designed (and licensed) to meet the needs of people struggling with both chemical dependency and mental health issues (co-occurring).
Men’s Program, 3033 Garfield Ave.S., Mpls, MN 55408,
Women’s Program: 308 East 78th St., Richfield, MN 55423,

River Ridge Treatment Center
The fundamental mission of River Ridge Treatment Center is to help the chemically dependent person achieve freedom from addiction, and to educate the public about the risks of alcohol and other drug abuse. Services include initial needs assessment, day outpatient program, women’s recovery program, women’s residential treatment, men’s recovery program, men’s evening outpatient program, relapse prevention, recovery maintenance program, beyond trauma program, family programs, mental health services, adolescent diversion and DWI class.
14750 Lac Lavon Dr. , Burnsville, MN 55306;
phone 952-894-7722

The Retreat
An adult alternative to traditional alcohol rehab and alcohol treatment centered on the spiritual principles of the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Retreat serves people who are not in need of a clinical treatment experience. Situated in the Wayzata Big Woods just west of the twin cities, providing a natural cathedral for reflection, renewal and recovery.
Phone 866-928-3434;
1221 Wayzata Blvd E.,Wayzata, MN 55391;

Fairview Recovery Services
Inpatient and outpatient chemical dependency programs for adults
Screening assessments, medically supervised detoxification, inpatient and outpatient evaluation and referral, combined inpatient to outpatient treatment sequences, family counseling and aftercare. Individualized programs are designed to meet client’s physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs.

Fairview also offers programs for older adults and people who are deaf or hardof- hearing. Services provide choices for adults including culturally relevant patient education or community-based support and advocacy groups. Options such as an inpatient program, partial hospitalization, day treatment programs and counseling are available.
2450 Riverside Ave., Mpls, MN 55454;
Inpatient Programs – 612-672-6600.
Lodging and Outpatient Day Programs;
612-672-2736, 800-233-7503

Vinland National Center
Vinland is dedicated to helping people with unique learning and cognitive needs learn how to lead meaningful and full lives. For more than 30 years, Vinland has helped people live productive lives through a whole-person approach that addresses the mind, body and spirit. Vinland is well-known for meeting the unique needs of individuals with cognitive impairments, including brain injuries and learning disabilities.
3675 Ihduhapi Rd, Loretto, MN, 55357.
Phone 763-479-3555 or 866-956-7612;
Vinland Outpatient –
931 20th Ave. Northeast, Mpls, MN 55418.
Phone 763-479-3555 or 866-956-7612.

We Care Counseling Center
Through the use of lectures, groups, scheduled one-to-ones and outside speakers, you move through a process of guided self-help. Services include chemical health assessments, chemical health education, primary treatment programs, a relapse program, 1:1 individual counseling, as well as a group process, aftercare programs, 12-Step support group meetings, as well as Al-anon meetings.
6027 N. Georgia Blvd, Oakdale, MN 55128.;
Phone 651-777-4233

Water’s Edge Counseling and Healing Center
A mental health treatment center with a team of multidisciplinary professionals committed to walking with individuals on a journey of healing. Spiritual and/or Christian component available.
1755 Southcross Drive W, Burnsville, MN 55306;
phone 952-898-5020;

Wayside Recovery Center
Wayside provides a complete and multi-tiered continuum of services, meeting women where they are — in seeking education, treatment, and support in their recovery. Wayside helps build a future free from addiction; services are uniquely tailored to each woman and her family. Comprehensive and holistic care addresses the causes of substance abuse while also providing tools for a life of sobriety and wellbeing. 952-926-5626.

Last Updated on February 6, 2020