From the Publisher


Sometimes from happiness
I stop
And look about me to take in
the next delight
The next raindrop
That looks more full
More pregnant than the last
Raindrops and then
Snow! Makes me giggle while it falls
and mingles with its brethren
each in its own playful pile.

Sometimes from wonder
I start
To examine things like
Candlewax pooled in softwarm puddles
Or fingertips as their whorled patterns
disappear into the furry hair of my dog

Each sometime a fragment a shard
A slow blink from a sultry eye.

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Phoenix to all of you who so faithfully read and share what we have to offer. It is our sincere hope that somewhere in our humble pages you all find just a little more hope, just a little more inspiration, than you had before you turned back the first page.

This has been a year filled with change, gladness, sorrow, insight, fulfillment, disappointment, love, hard decisions, belly laughs and connection. Yep – pretty much, just another year. And how lucky we are! I’m reminded, once again, of the richness of life as this paper goes to press. I get to work with incredibly thoughtful, talented people, who have graced my life through their words. Some of the writers I’ve never met, yet their prose has touched me in profound and lasting ways.

And many of you — our readers — we never meet, yet we hear how this article or that advertiser made a difference for you. We truly appreciate your feedback and ideas.

When we hear that — that we’ve helped you to think a bit differently, or nudged you to action — we feel satisfied that we’re on the right track.

For that, for you, and for another year of growth and connection — we are so very grateful. Peace.

Julia Edelman and David Goldstein

Last Updated on February 6, 2020