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Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom of Life’s Hard Questions

Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom of Life’s Hard QuestionsBy Lori Deschene

Conari Press

This book began as a quote–a–day tweet. Deschene tells the story of how she moved to New York City and the lessons she learned. She shares her insight and wisdom to help readers “live mindfully, in the present and connected to others.”

In her essay on pain, Deschene describes how one can learn from pain to make positive changes. Other essays include how to find the meaning of life and her thoughts on fate, happiness, and love.

Deschene is honest in her reflections and answers. For example, when writing about the question “What’s the meaning of life?” she admits that she has no idea and suggests, “Perhaps a better question is: “What are we doing about the things that are meaningful to us?”

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