6 Tips to Beat Stress

ways to deal with stress

Stress affects everyone, damaging our health and relationships. Here are a few easy-to-consider tips for reducing stress in your life.

  1. Plan ahead and be flexible about your expectations. Think about your plans for vacations and family gatherings. Everyone else has expectations and sometimes they won’t match yours. Plan for spontaneity. If you allow the plans that others have to be a part of what brings you joy, you might find you have more fun. That way, everyone shares ideas and activities.
  2. Be aware of what your body needs.This includes healthy food, plenty of water, rest and exercise. Don’t throw your routines out the window when you’re on vacation. Get plenty of exercise so you’ll feel good. Continue eating healthy. You’ll feel better about yourself if you’re really taking care of your body!
  3. Decide to take care of yourself emotionally.You may need specific things such as the emotional support of a spouse, a lunch date with a friend or even just some time alone. Decide how busy you want to be ­— or not be! Say “no” to trying to do too much if it interferes with your health, family time or if it feels like it will cause too much stress for you.
  4. Communicate with love.If you’re feeling stressed by interactions with others, take a breather. You might go outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air. Be kind to everyone, including yourself. Give hugs. Make sure you’re not overreacting. None of us communicate perfectly. Try to see what others really mean, not just what they say. Give them the benefit of the doubt because it’s likely no offense was meant. Ask for clarification and react appropriately, with kindness, love and forgiveness. Some people really don’t have a handle on their behavior, but it doesn’t have to affect how you feel or become your problem.
  5. Choose your emotions:Most people have a mistaken belief that our emotions choose us; that we are at the mercy of whatever emotions we tend to start feeling. But the reality of it is, no matter what the circumstance, we always are choosing our own emotions. It’s important to recognize that fact. You don’t always have control over what happens to you, but you can choose to respond proactively.
  6. Identify and release “trapped emotions” such as unresolved feelings from past negative and traumatic events. This emotional baggage can cause us to make incorrect assumptions and react emotionally; it also contributes to anxiety, depression and most forms of illness.
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Bradley Nelson is a holistic Chiropractic Physician and Medical Intuitive working in the fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology. He has certified thousands of practitioners worldwide to help people overcome unresolved anger, depression, anxiety, loneliness and other negative emotions and the physical symptoms associated them. His bestselling book, The Emotion Code, provides step-by-step instructions for working with the body’s healing power.

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