Think About It: The Power of Positive Thought

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I can’t help but wonder what in the world was I thinking when I reflect on some of the major decisions I made in my young adulthood. I can only presume that I wasn’t thinking at all. My concept of contemplation was to deal with any consequences of my decisions “Later.”

Such cognitive carelessness led me to marry at 18, again at 21 and once again at 29. In essence I was choosing not to think in those moments. I paid the price for my thoughtlessness with much unnecessary hardship and heartache.

I manage to get myself in all kinds of trouble when I forget to think. The problems I create are not always as life altering as marriage and divorce. Most of the time a lapse in my thinking results in less significant inconveniences. Something as fleeting as failing to apologize to someone if I get in their way in a crowded store or forgetting to really listen to someone else’s opinion can negatively impact my psyche.

When I forget to think it’s because my mind is so filled with concerns about my own wants and needs that there’s little or no room left to consider how my actions may or may not affect others.

It’s crucial for me to stop and think about what I am about to do or not do. I must also take the feelings of those around me into account as I proceed to act on my thoughts. Otherwise I will inevitably regret something that I can’t take back. Then I will be faced with bad feelings about myself and the need to apologize for my behavior. I could save both me and another person needless upset if I’d only remembered to remain conscious of what it is I am thinking. I am capable of changing my thoughts when I stop to notice them.

When I make the decision to be present with my mind I can change the course of my life one thought at a time.

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Our Thoughts are Powerful

It is time for us to look at the things we say we want out of life and then see what beliefs and thoughts we harbor that are keeping those things away from us.

We are powerful beings. The power of our mind is awesome.

We can learn to harness that power and have it work for us rather than against us. All it takes is our taking the time to pay attention to what we REALLY think and focus on changing those thoughts to supportive ones.

(From Excerpted from: Getting What You Want by Marie T. Russell). 

This article first appeared in our August 2009 issue of The Phoenix Spirit.

Last Updated on July 8, 2019

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