The Legacy of Absence Book Review

The Legacy of Absence: Resolving the Wounds From Uninvolved Fathers in Individuals, Families, and Society
By Tim Olson
Self-published / Bookbaby / Amazon

Imagine a son or daughter who realizes dad has chosen work, sports, or other addictions instead of them. This is abandonment—and the consequences will leave a negative life-long legacy. But there is a solution but it’s not an easy road.

The Legacy of Absence explores the ways in which involvement and reconciliation can heal the wounds created by an absent father, and turn even a physically absent father into one who is involved with all aspects of his child’s life.

Olson will help readers discover:

  • the sources of anger, not just how to manage it
  • the 4 types of fathers
  • how a home without an involved father typically results in poorer education, health, financial security, and many more affecting the spouse and children
  • how good or bad fathering is learned primarily by observing our own fathers
  • what the father wound is and how everyone who has a father gets it

An uninvolved father may not have chosen his child, but it is never too late for change. The Legacy of Absence can help.

Last Updated on March 29, 2020

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