Books (Nov/Dec 2021)

Here are our book recommendations from the November / December 2021 issue. Please let us know if you have any books you’d like us to include in future issues.

Coming Clean
A True Story of Love, Addiction and Recovery

by Liz Fraser
Available November 30, 2021

This is the story of two people in love, who packed up their lives and drove a thousand miles across Europe in a transit van to the magical island of Venice to start their new lives and dreams together and raise their baby girl there. They left behind everything they didn’t need. But they also brought something terrible with them: alcoholism.

In Coming Clean, Liz tells her story—of life with an alcoholic at his darkest moments, and the uncertain journey through recovery as her husband nears six months of sobriety. She gives a voice and offers hope to everyone watching a loved one struggle with substance abuse with the crucial reminder: You are not alone.
How the Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy Failed the Victims of The American
Overdose Crisis

by Ryan Hampton

Unsettled is the inside story of Purdue’s excruciating Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, the company’s eventual restructuring, and the Sackler family’s evasion of any true accountability. It’s also the untold story of how a group of determined ordinary people tried to see justice done against the odds—and in the face of brutal opposition from powerful institutions and even government representatives.

Unsettled is what happened behind closed doors—the story of a broken system that destroyed millions of lives and let the Sacklers off almost scot-free.
The Right Rehab
A Guide to Addiction and Mental Illness Recovery When Crisis Hits Your Family

by Walter Wolf
Available November 15, 2021

The Right Rehab is a step-by-step guide that details how to identify and access treatment options available to all individuals and families, no matter how plentiful or spare their resources. Due to Walter's relationships with the most ethical and renowned professionals in the treatment world, he is able to explain the treatment plan principled experts insist is the most evidence-based, dependable, and customizable for the individual who is fully committed to sobriety.
A Million Little Pieces

by James Frey

Published in 2005, A Million Little Pieces refuses to fit any mold of drug literature. Inside the clinic, James is surrounded by patients as troubled as he is — including a judge, a mobster, a onetime world-champion boxer, and a fragile former prostitute to whom he is not allowed to speak to but their friendship and advice strikes James as stronger and truer than the clinic's droning dogma of How to Recover. James refuses to consider himself a victim of anything but his own bad decisions, and insists on accepting sole accountability for the person he has been and the person he may become—which runs directly counter to his counselors' recipes for recovery.

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