Letter From the Twin Cities Recovery Project on the Death of Marc Johnigan

Photo from Twin Cities Recovery Project website

The Phoenix Spirit is posting this letter from interim Twin Cities Recovery Project (TCRP) President, George Lewis. Our condolences to the families of Marc Johnigan, Dwayne Jackson and Dwayne’s sister Denise Anderson who were involved in this tragedy. An online fundraiser has been setup for Johnigan’s family.

It is with intense sadness that the Board of Directors of Twin Cities Recovery Project (TCRP) announces the loss of its founder and CEO, Marc Johnigan, in a car accident on December 16. The Board offers condolences to Marc’s family, the TCRP Team, colleagues, friends, and the many individuals whom Marc inspired with his passion for Recovery.

TCRP began with Marc’s conviction that individuals in Recovery need support and a place to socialize. TCRP began in 2016 as a social club in a neighborhood church and has grown into an esteemed provider of culturally relevant peer training and support and a leader in the fight against the opioid epidemic, particularly in the black community. Marc’s natural instincts were aided by his genuine curiosity and humility, which made him an accomplished connector of people and ideas.  Marc served on local and national advisory groups. He organized “Boots on the Ground”, a national virtual conference on community-based programming to reduce stigma and racial disparities in access to opioid use disorder services. Marc will be deeply missed.

TCRP Board Member George Lewis will step in immediately as the acting Interim President/CEO of TCRP.

Twin Cities Recovery Project, Inc.
Board of Directors

An interview filmed with Johnigan months before his passing:

Last Updated on January 14, 2022

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