Author: Sharon Falsetto Chapman

A Sober Retreat in the Minnesota North Woods

Dennis Medved, aged 89, and his late wife Bev, had a vision. They wanted to provide a place of healing and renewal for those in care for chemical dependency. Both sober themselves – Dennis with 48 years sobriety and Bev with 42 years sobriety when she passed – they understood the challenges associated with becoming …

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How Scent Can Aid in Recovery

Smell is the strongest of our human senses. That makes it both a gift and a curse. If you want to inhale the beautiful, soft scent of the newest rose in your garden, it’s a gift; but if you’re passing the sewage treatment center, well, think again! In the book, Perfume: The Story of a …

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Legalizing Marijuana: The Surprising Truths

Marijuana legislation is sweeping across the United States at a rapid rate. Over twenty states have now fully legalized this once illegal drug, and more will most likely follow. Minnesota is just the latest state to have joined this growing trend. But is marijuana of the 60s and 70s the same drug which is being …

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