• NUWAY Annual Picnic 2018

Kindness Matters

Unite4:Good (U4G) has created a global platform dedicated to inspire, innovate and drive grassroots kindness. Our goal is to build a community where we lay the foundation to empower individuals to perform acts of kindness as part of their day-to-day lives, because we believe that true happiness can be attained by practicing intentional kindness both to ourselves and others. In October 2015, we will launch our platform dedicated to providing positive content and opportunities to make a difference. Leading up to our launch, we are kicking off our #WhereKindnessCounts Competition to encourage and reward people for doing acts of kindness. … Continue reading

Collegiate Recovery Communities

Collegiate Recovery Communities

  Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRCs) are alive and kicking up their heels at the following college campuses. Didn’t think there was much fun to be had in recovery? Simply surround yourself with fellow sober fun-seekers and you will be amazed before you are halfway through. If you are at a point in life to get the grey matter moving again, check out the schools below. Give a call, plan a visit, and immerse yourself in education and recovery. Let the future begin again. Augsburg College The StepUP Program Minneapolis, MN 612-330-1405; stepup@augsburg.edu The College of St. Scholastica CLEAN Recovery Services … Continue reading

Accepting Reality

I see myself on the high-speed motorbike with skin-tight leather jeans and long shiny hair and the looks of an angel. I see myself acting in a movie. The movie wins an Oscar, and I have all that I need and cherish as an actor and author. I see myself being a great leader whose speech touches the hearts of  millions, who brings victory to mankind and kills all ignorance. I see myself writing books and shifting the mass consciousness and see the creativity inside me to publish these best sellers. —Vidya Gargote from MUTE: Poems That Saved My Life! … Continue reading

Welcome Spring with Health, Fitness, and Cooking apps

With the weather finally heating up (goodbye snowpocalypse!) it’s that time of year again when we layer down and show some skin. For those of you who didn’t exactly get that body you’ve been hoping for during this year’s hellish winter… don’t stress. From running to biking to cooking, here are some apps that will get you in tip-top shape in time for next winter: 1.MapMyRun – For all the runners out there, MapMyRun allows you to record your workout details including the time span, distance, pace, speed, elevation and calories burned. It uses the GPS in your mobile to … Continue reading