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First Person: Lizard Skin and the Warehouse

“No one will ever love you.” Mom jabbed her index finger into my bicep for emphasis, so I would not forget. I almost dropped a dish as I cleaned up the kitchen. “You think you’re better than us, smarter than us, but you’re too stupid to do anything,” she yelled. “Yeah,” chimed in my brother …

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First Person: A Broken Wing

It was May and I had just passed through the most painful period of my life. I was 51 years old and living alone in the same city I had lived with my family for the past twenty years. On warm evenings, I sat in a lawn chair and enjoyed the setting sun. One evening, …

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My Story

getting sober young

My name is Tracy, and I am a 54-year-old single mom in Connecticut. I was in a car accident in 2000 that resulted in back surgery, and subsequently taking a prescription of opioids and Xanax which lasted 25 years. I took them as prescribed as I thought I needed them for pain and anxiety and …

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First Person: Repotted

Mom’s green thumb was legendary. In addition to a phalanx of houseplants, every April she started hundreds of vegetable seeds inside under grow lights in order to plant green sprouted seedlings. Plants in Northern Minnesota need a head start in the short, 135-day, Zone 4 growing season. As a farmer’s daughter, a farmer’s wife, and …

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I grew up in a world of Dichotomy, a world of beer cans and Bibles, I was expected to be nice to others, but treated not so nice in our home by my alcoholic father. I recited prayers but felt panicked. To me this was normal. When I was somewhere around thirteen years old, one …

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First Person: Joseph’s Story

My story is kind of long and complicated, but the best place to start is in Iowa City, around 2011/2012. I transferred there from Iowa State University, because of the famous Writer’s Workshop, and I had made the recent decision to pursue my passion as a writer. But that year at the University of Iowa …

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First Person: Brianna’s Story

You’re never quite right again after feeling the life exit a person’s body, especially when it’s your younger sister. That’s when the road to disfunction and addiction began in my life. Being a young girl of only nine years old, the loss of my sister Debba Jean was crippling for me emotionally, mentally, even physically, …

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Can You See Her? Hope After Abuse

If you, or someone you know, is in an abusive relationship call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). Calls are confidential. I want to start by saying that not all addicts are abusers. And not all abusers are addicts. But in my case, he was. Both. Well, perhaps an “addict in denial,” but most definitely an abuser. Of course, …

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first person testimony

My first calls for help weren’t loud enough – given the deserted condo grounds three stories below. No tracks in the snow. Not even a bird or squirrel in the oak trees outside the screen. The sun was low, showing streaks on the sliding glass door that had closed with a solid, unmistakable click. I …

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