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Betting Without Boundaries Has a High Cost

The Phoenix · Betting Without Boundaries Has a High Cost Bray Ash had a good family, a good life, and a good future. When online gambling took over his mind, he could have lost it all. Fortunately, he got help, but not before a small fortune ― even his student loan money ― was lost …

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Casino Kids: How Gambling Addiction Affects Children

Gambling is becoming a way of life, to the detriment of individual and family lives. Poker is becoming increasingly popular, now offered in neighborhood bars. Buses transport gamblers to casinos from convenient locations. Exposure on TV, video games and the Internet is increasing. Gambling is being considered as a means to increase revenue for the …

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The State of Minnesota’s Problem Gambling, Culturally Specific Awareness Initiative

Minnehaha Falls Minneapolis MN

Problem gambling negatively affects individuals, families, and communities in Minnesota. The behavior patterns associated with problem gambling compromise activities of daily living such as relationships, education and vocational opportunities, personal and financial well-being, substance use, emotional stability, physical health, and housing. Problem gambling also impacts families and other loved ones. It contributes to chaos and …

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Coping With Another Person’s Gambling Problem

Maria suspected that something was going on with her husband but didn’t know what. He was taking a lot of phone calls behind closed doors. He often seemed frantic to intercept the mailman before the mail was delivered to their house. And his interest in the outcome of various sporting events seemed to intensify in …

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The Faces of Gambling Recovery

Each person’s addiction is unique, as is each story of renewed hope. Gambling disorder, also known as gambling addiction or compulsive gambling, continues to be misunderstood as being caused by a lack of willpower in which gamblers are blamed for their disorder. These myths need to be debunked. To illustrate the insidious way that gambling …

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Gambling Addiction: Finally Out of the Shadows

When we talk about co-occurring disorders, we usually have some sort of mental health issue to consider with those of us in recovery. After all, many of us were “out there” self-medicating; for undiagnosed (or diagnosed) depression, trauma, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and a myriad of other maladies that we either didn’t have the …

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