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Why Can’t We All Get Along With Each Other?

Most of us pick fights with others to cover up the wars we have with ourselves.—Anonymous Our country and the world really are in trouble. These days there are almost daily shootings in the news. School board meetings, public health discussions and state budget debates, and inexplicable road rage incidents occur daily and can be …

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Surviving Suicide

Part of human existence, and having the ability to reason, is seeking answers to the question, Why? As a child, when we become aware of our surroundings and start to learn the way of things, we begin to ask why questions. We are curious, we want to know how things work, why they are the …

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Healing Through the Canvas

When my dad passed away I had no idea what to do with that level of grief and sadness. I had never experienced anything like that before. Although I had experienced the death of grandparents and a cousin, I had never lost anyone that close to me. My heart hurt. My dad wasn’t just a …

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Traditional Healing for Native American Communities

Traditional healing is a relatively new program based on well-established “tried and tested” methods. The nature of traditional healing is based upon knowledge and sacred ceremonies passed through the generations, carefully taught, and intrinsically linked to the respect of the communities. The Minnesota Department of Human Services’ Traditional Healing for Native Communities program, which is …

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Ask the Expert: Heather Jeffrey of Acres for Life

We feature an expert in the mental health and substance use disorder field to answer questions. This issue we talk to Heather Jeffrey of Acres for Life, a stable that offers equine therapy for those in addiction and other mental health issues.  Q: What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)? Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is an experiential …

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Where Is Your Hope?

The Phoenix · Where Is Your Hope? Is your hope these days in a vaccine? A new political or economic vision? More public attention to ending racism or climate warming? Whatever we look to outside of ourselves is always transient. A more reliable basis for hope comes from within our own hearts and minds. What …

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Good Grief

girl letting go of a heart balloon

“Life is growth in the art of loss.”- John O’Donohue I live forward and backward. In, then out of the present moment. Time unbound. The past is present and the present is lost. The future is behind a veil through which I cannot see. My sister died. My youngest sister. Too soon and too fast. …

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Tending and Mending a Wounded Heart

broken heart

Many years ago on February 13, a first year representative to the New York state assembly received an urgent telegram at his Albany, N.Y., office containing a single three-word sentence: Come home now! The day before, his wife had given birth to a baby girl. Now, as the train made the five-hour trip back to …

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Healing Through Music

healing and music

Bob Ross, the infinitely relaxed host of The Joy of Painting famously said, “We don’t make mistakes, we have happy little accidents.” And I believe Bob. If you are a musician or performing artist and you live with crushing panic, anxiety, depression, and are paralyzed with fear and self-doubt, I hope you believe Bob too. …

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