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College Recovery Programs: Supporting Students Choice for Recovery and Academics

School may still be out for students, but Patrice Salmeri, Director of Augsburg’s StepUP Program in Minneapolis is hard at work ensuring all is ready is for the start of another successful school year. Recently she took time out to answer questions about college recovery programs and Augsburg’s StepUp Program. Collegiate recovery programs (CRP’s) provide support for students in recovery who are seeking a degree in higher education. Colleges with recovery programs provide the infrastructure necessary to support the academic performance of college students in recovery. CRP’s are not new — they’ve been around since the 1970s. Brown University was … Continue reading

Finding Purpose in Recovery

For an addict, the prospect of no longer using whatever it is that gets them through each day is daunting. There’s a comfort in knowing what life is going to look like even if all it entails is dragging yourself out of bed, taking a drink, smoke, or hit of crystal meth, and going on with a day focused only on managing the disaster. The dark cloud that surrounds us is obscured by our drug of choice — it’s what makes the days tolerable. The first step of recovery – Addiction treatment sets the table Some of us are sent … Continue reading

Ante Up! All In For Life’s Games

Eleanor Leonard

“You know horses are smarter than people. You never heard of a horse going broke betting on people.” ~ Will Rogers Gambling. What comes to mind? An iconic movie scene? Maybe Daniel Craig’s James Bond staring unflinchingly across the poker table at the villain before Bond’s straight flush wins him $115 million. Perhaps the roulette table at Rick’s Café Americain in Casablanca? Or animated characters in Toy Story 3 placing bets around a Fisher-Price See ‘N Say toy? Or the Enterprise crew playing poker in Star Trek: The Next Generation? Movies have portrayed gambling scenarios from elegant to seedy since … Continue reading

When Married Couples Drift Apart

John Driggs

My best friend Nancy was recently blindsided by a big hit that is changing her life forever. I really feel for her. Her husband Stewart, who has been unemployed for the past five years, announced out of the blue that he is filing for a divorce. I was shocked and saddened beyond belief by her news. I mean, here is a wife supporting the household with a successful law practice, extremely grateful that her husband has chosen to be the primary caretaker of their two children. Stewart has always been nuts about the kids and she thought they had a … Continue reading

Cultivating Compassion

I recently visited Louisville, Kentucky, on the wide and muddy Ohio River, six miles from where slaves once swam to the free state of Ohio. The river’s navigation was interrupted here by the Falls of the Ohio, forcing early travelers to portage and offering creative entrepreneurs a site for budding commerce. Gradually a small settlement grew into an elegant city–home of the Kentucky Derby and the Louisville Slugger, an active center for interfaith dialogue and the title Compassionate City. As a Compassionate City, Louisville is committed to champion and nurture the growth of compassion. Louisville is working on several initiatives … Continue reading

The Game of Catch

I want you to imagine something. I want you to imagine what your perfect day would look like to you. How late would you sleep in? Drawing the curtains open and looking out a window, what would the weather look like outside? Take a deep breath through your nose. What does this day smell like? What would you eat for this day? Who would you spend your time with — or would you be alone? What would you do or where would you go? Anything special happen on this most perfect of days? Close your eyes and imagine this day. … Continue reading

Experiencing Spirituality: Finding Meaning Through Storytelling

By Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham Jeremy P. Tarcher     Penguin     The authors of the book The Spirituality of Imperfection continue their exploration of spirituality using storytelling of everyday life and experience. They want readers to learn that spirituality can be fun. They say that they do this “by living fully humanly.” They discuss the art of storytelling and the role of the storyteller. To do that, they use stories from a variety of countries, cultures, and religions. For example, in one short story, it is explained that “wisdom comes only when you stop looking for it and start truly living … Continue reading

Help Your Child to Thrive: Making the Best of a Struggling Public Education System

By Liane Brouillette      Balboa Press      Brouillette is an educator and actively involved in providing families of students with the resources to make informed decisions. She states her goal is to “provide parents with simple, effective ways to help children succeed in and out of school without spending all their evenings tutoring.” She thinks that parents can better spend their time talking with children in a way that awakens intellectually curiosity and confidence. She uses this book of real life examples to show them how.  She discusses America’s public schools and their efforts and failures to support a child’s academic and … Continue reading

Unplugged: How to Live Mindfully in a Digital World

By Orianna Fielding     Carlton Books     What would you discover if you were unplugged for a week? We all know and appreciate the pros and cons of almost instantaneous, around the clock, connectivity due to digital technology and social media. Being “on” all the time can wear on a person, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Included is a 12 point questionnaire to help identify how addicted you are to technology and how you are affected by digital overload. Fielding provides mindfulness techniques and a step by step approach to restore balance. One positive step for families to reconnect with each other is … Continue reading

The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance

By May McCarthy Hierophant Publishing What others might call God, Universal Spirit, or their Higher Power, McCarthy calls her Chief Spiritual Officer or CSO. She meets with her CSO on a regular basis, as part of her daily 30 minute practice to financial abundance. She outlines a seven step process: read something uplifting; write gratitude statements to your CSO; speak your truth as you read your letter out loud; imagine having the experience; listen for direction from your CSO; celebrate the good that shows up; and finally, end your day with gratitude and forgiveness. The book is divided into two … Continue reading