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Never Too Old to Get Sober

Older people can find plenty of reasons to drink alcohol or use other addictive drugs to excess. Pain relief. Isolation and loneliness. Feelings of boredom and uselessness after retirement. Loss after loss after loss. For some, it’s simply a decades-old habit. What’s hard to do is to stop using addictive substances when they are ruining …

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Q & A With Treatment Providers in the Twin Cities

We reached out to several providers in the Twin Cities to check in about their successes and challenges. All of them are seeing an increase in utilization of their services. What types of substance use (SUD) / mental health (MH) disorders are you seeing more of? Jeremiah Gardner Hazelden Betty Ford We are seeing more …

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Ask the Expert: Yussuf Shafie of Alliance Wellness Center

yussuf shafie

We feature an expert in the mental health and substance use disorder field to answer questions. This issue we talk to Yussuf Shafie of Alliance Wellness Center in Bloomington, Minnesota about providing treatment to the East African population. Q: Please share with our readers a bit about yourself.  I’m Yussuf Shafie, owner and director of Alliance …

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Changes to Allow More Choice for Those Getting Treatment

Drug and alcohol addictions are life-altering conditions with severe ramifications. With over half a million Minnesotans battling a substance use disorder, timely access to effective treatment remains crucial. In 2021, less than half the people in the state with a substance use disorder received treatment. Reasons for not getting treatment vary from person to person, …

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Our New Virtual World of Care

This past spring, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, people in need of behavioral health services were blindsided. While in-person treatment programs were considered essential services and continued, many people, especially those at higher risk, stayed away. Even more, outpatient services and other supportive services were unable to offer people the help that they needed. This …

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Minnesota Substance Use Disorder Telehealth Providers

The following list consists of substance use disorder programs/providers in Minnesota that list have listed their telehealth, telemedicine and virtual groups on Fast-Tracker (as of the end of August 2020). It’s easy to find a list of those who offer telehealth by going to the SUD side search page at Search using “telehealth” under …

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Virtual Treatment Gets the Job Done

Time for your treatment group meeting? Plop down in your favorite spot at home, get on Zoom, and you’re there. Virtual counseling for people in non-residential addiction treatment is the current norm and will likely be commonplace even when COVID-19 is tamed. This at-home treatment option has plenty of benefits, according to both patients and …

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Fast-Tracker Connects People Directly to Treatment (Update)

fast-tracker website

Former Commissioner Emily Piper told Phoenix Spirit readers in August 2018 about Fast-Tracker, a new online service to help connect people to substance use disorder and mental health treatment services. Now, a little over a year later, how has Fast-Tracker been working, and what’s next? First a bit about Fast-Tracker: It is an online, searchable …

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After Treatment, Then What?

what to do after treatment

Treatment for addiction is only the beginning of recovery. What happens when you go back home? If you even have one anymore. Here are four stories of recovering addicts in midlife and how they meet their daily challenges while staying sober after treatment. Chris Arrowsmith Bagdon smoked off-the-street cannabis for two years to relieve ongoing …

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