Drop Locations

There are over 400 locations you can find The Phoenix Spirit. Use the search feature under each tab to locate a business or address you may be familiar with. Please note that we’ve done our best to ensure the accuracy of the listings. If you see an error, wish to be added to the drop locations (or removed), please let us know. To have us mail you an issue, please see our subscription page

2nd Moon Coffee2225FranklinAve.
A Baker's Wife's Pastry420028thAve.
Alano Society22181stAve.
Alliance Apts.71916thSt.
Amazing Thailand3024HennepinAve.
American Indian OIC1845FranklinAve.
Augsburg Christensen Center72022ndAve.
Bangkok Market & Video3100LyndaleAve.
Barbers on Bryant2920BryantAve.
Bergen's SuperValu4715CedarAve.
Biomedical Library505EssexSt.
Birchwood Café331125thSt.
Bull Run Coffee Bar4301NicolletAve.
Butter Bakery Cafe3700NicolletAve.
C. McGee's Deli9013rdSt.
Cafe Southside3405ChicagoAve.
Catholic Charities1624ChicagoAve.
Central Gas & Food2951CentralAve.
Churchill Market1502ndAve.
Cloud Walk Health Center224FranklinAve.
Cofman Union300WashingtonAve.
Common Roots Cafe2558LyndaleAve.
Create Inc.1911PleasantAve.
Crosstown Market575034thAve.
Cup Cake Coffee3338UniversityAve.
Diamonds coffee1618CentralAve.
Dunn Bros.4648LakeSt.
Dunn Bros.2013rdAve.
Dunn Bros.2013rdAve.
Dunn Bros.3348HennepinAve.
Dunn Bros.2544NicolletAve.
Dunn Bros.5008XerxesAve.
Dunn Bros.281443rdSt.
Dunn Bros.821LakeSt.
Dunn Bros.300NicolletMall
East Side Food Co-op2551CentralAve.
Eastside Neighborhood Svs.17002ndSt.
Eden Programs1025PortlandAve.
Electric Fetus20104thAve.
Eye of Horus910LakeSt.
Fireroast Mountain Café380037thAve.
French Medow Bakery2610LyndaleAve.
Good Deal Oriental Foods1800LowryAve.
Greter Minneapolis council33334thSt
Guse Green Grocer4600BryantAve.
Guthrie Theater8182ndAve.
Hamilton Manor131444thAve.
Hennepin County1800ChicagoAve.
Hennepin Faculty Associates807ParkAve.
Hennepin Healthcare2810NicolletAve.
Hill Valley Coffee3301CentralAve.
Himalayan Restaurant2910LakeSt.
House of Charity5108thSt.
Incarnation House2120Clintonave.
Indian Women Resource Ctr.230015thAve.
International Market Square275MarketSt.
Isles Bun & Coffee142428thSt.
Joe's Market1828ComoAve.
Jorden High School150130thAve.
Judson Family Center4101Harrietave.
Jungle Red1362LaSalleAve.
KFAI Radio1808RiversideAve.
Lagoon Cinema1320LagoonAve.
Lake Harriet Comm. Church4401UptonAve.
Linden Hills Co-op3815SunnysideAve.
Logan rec Center69013thAve.
Longfellow Comm. Ctr.343536thave.
Longfellow Market3815LakeSt.
MacPhail Center5012ndAve.
May Day Café3440BloomingtonAve.
Meditation Center631UniversityAve.
Midtown Global Market Rack1ChicagoAve.
Midtown Global Market Rack2ChicagoAve.
Midtown Global Market Rack3ChicagoAve.
Midtown Global Market Rack4ChicagoAve.
Midtown Global Market Rack5ChicagoAve.
Milda's Cafe1720GlenwoodAve.
Minneapolis College of Art2501StevensAve.
Minnehaha Center2105MinnehahaAve.
MN Center for Book Arts1011WashingtonAve.
MPLS Public Health Center2504thSt.
Native American Clinic1213FranklinAve.
Nokomis Beach Coffee495628thAve.
Nokomis Wellness Center420154thSt.
Northrup King Building1500JacksonSt.
2118 NUWAY Counseling Center2118 Blaisdell Ave S
3Rs NUWAY Counseling Center1404CentralAve.
NUWAY I22001stAve.
NUWAY II25181stAve.
NUWAY III2104StevensAve S
Office Building2529NicolletAve.
Park Ave. Center1505ParkAve.
Park Ave. Center2525ParkAve.
Parkside Professional Bldg.8258thSt.
Parkview Condos1815CentralAve.
Peace Coffee3262MinnehahaAve.
People's Center42520thAve.
Pho Hoa Noodle Soup2450NicolletAve.
Pho Tau Bay2837NicolletAve.
Pillsbury House3501ChicagoAve.
Pillsbury Waite House252913thAve.
Pizza Luce2200FranklinAve.
Pizza Luce3200LyndaleAve.
Plymouth Congregational Church1900NicolletAve.
Powderhorn Recreation Center340015thAve.
Present Moments3546GrandAve.
Prodigal House Treatment5103MinnehahaAve.
Quality Coaches2038thSt.
Recovery Resource Center1900ChicagoAve.
Restoration Counseling and Community Services80042ndAve N
Riverview Café375342ndAve.
Royal Grounds4161Grandave.
Sabathani Comm. Ctr.31038thSt.
Saigon Uptown3035LyndaleAve.
Salt Cave Minneapolis4811NicolletAve.
Salvation Army1000CurrieAve.
Salvation Army Adult Rehab9004thSt.
Schneider Drug3400UniversityAve.
Sebastian Joe's4321UptonAve.
Sebastian Joe's1007FranklinAve.
Seward Co-op Coffee2111FranklinAve.
Seward Communit Co-op2823FranklinAve.
Seward Communit Co-op31738thSt.
Shuang Hur2712NicolletAve.
Sister Sludge Coffee4557BloomingtonAve.
Spectrum Housing1825ChicagoAve.
St Stepen's human Sevices2309NicolletAve.
St. Mary's College 2nd flr.2500ParkAve.
Sumner Library611Van WhiteBlvd
Tao Natural Foods2200HennepinAve.
Tom Thumb240238thSt.
Turtle Bread420534thSt.
Turtle Bread Co342144thSt.
U of M Dept. of Medicine516DelawareSt.
U of M Good Semaritan Ctr.2227thAve.
U of M Medical Center500HarvardSt.
U of M Morrill Hall100ChurchSt.
U of M office Bldg.13002ndSt.
U of M School of Journalism206ChurchSt.
Uncle Edger's Books2864ChicagoAve.
Uptown Diner2548HennepinAve.
Uptown Office Bldg.3229HennepinAve.
Uptown Theatre2906HennepinAve.
VA Medical Center1VeteransDr.
Walker Methodist, Health3737BryantAve.
Wedge Co-op2105LyndaleAve.
Welsfargo Bank2600FranklinAve.
Whittier Co-op2609BlaisdelAve.
Whole Foods3060ExcelsiorBlvd
Willey Hall Commons22519thAve.
YWCA1130Nicollet Mall
YWCA Midtown2121LakeSt.
YWCA Uptown2808HennepinAve.
ANEW Chemical Health Services445EtnaSt.
Appollo Resource Center25DaleSt.
Bangkok Thai333UniversityAve
Bethel Care Center420MarshallAve.
Big Didcount Liquor945RiceSt.
Big Top Wines & Spirits1544UniversityAve
Bio science Center1445BufordAve.
Bookstore East2004RandolphAve.
Boys & Girls Club Eastside1620AmesAve.
Breaking Free, Inc.770UniversityAve.
Cahoots Coffee Bar1562SelbyAve.
Caribou Coffee1055GrandAve.
Carondelete Center1890RandolphAve.
Catholic Charities1276UniversityAve
Centennial Bldg. Café658CedarSt.
Center For Grief1133GrandAve.
Checker Board Pizza511SnellingAve
Coffee Grounds1579HamlineAve.
Coll. St. Kates-Durham Hall2004RandolphAve.
Community Cent860St. ClairAve.
Conceptual Counseling2876thSt.
Concordia Coll.-Student Union1301MarshallAve.
Concordia College Admin Lobby`275SyndicateSt.
Cooper's Foods6337thSt.
Crescenterra Health Center245PriorAve.
D&L Food & Gas626LarpenteurAve.
Day by Day Café4777thSt.
Diane Markel Lawyers Concerned2550UniversityAve
Dunn Bros.2427thSt.
Dunn Bros.1569GrandAve.
Dunn Bros.367WabashaSt.
E&J Dry Cleaners642SelbyAve.
East Side Family Clinic8957thSt.
East side Liquor Store1361MarylandAve
Egg and I East2550UniversityAve.
Everest on Grand1278GrandAve.
F M Laundro-Matic944RiceSt.
Finnish Bistro2264ComoAve.
First Lutharan Church463MariaAve
Flame Burger2534RiceSt.
Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse13627thSt.
Galery Tower2610thSt.
Ginko Coffee721SnellingAve
Girl Scouts400RobertSt
Golden Thyme Coffee921SelbyAve.
Golden's Deli2754thSt.
Grand Central1672GrandAve.
Grand Ole Creamery750GrandAve
Grandview Grill1818GrandAve.
Great Harvest Bread Co534SelbyAve.
Ha Tien Super Market1959SuburbanAve.
Half Price Books2041FordPkwy.
Hamline Midway Library1558MinnehahaAve
Hampden Park Co-op928RaymondAve.
Hart House550GaltierSt.
Hayden Heights Library1456White BearAve.
Health partners205WabashaSt
Highland Cafe2012FordPkwy.
Highland Family Physicians1540RandolphAve.
Highland Park Library1974FordPkwy.
Hmong American Partnership1075ArcadeSt.
Hmong Village1001JohnsonPkwy.
Hoa Bien Restaurant1105UniversityAve
Humboldt Apartments508HumboltAve
India house Mall758GrandAve
J & S Bean Factory1580RandolphAve.
Juel Fairbanks Chem. Dep.806AlbertSt.
Key's Café767RaymondAve.
Keystone Community Cent2000St. AnthonyAve
King Thai Asian225UniversityAve
Landmark Center755thSt.
Library-Merriam Park1831MarshallAve.
Library-Quatrefoil #1051619DaytonAve.
Lori's Coffee House1441ClevelandAve.
Louisiana Cafe613SelbyAve.
Loyola Spirituality Center389OxfordSt.
Lunch room By the Library1994BufordAve.
Lutheran Social Services590ParkSt.
Mai Village384UniversityAve.
Mastel Health Foods1526St. ClairAve.
Merriam Park Library1831MarshallAve.
Metro Loft2388UniversityAve.
Metro State7007thSt.
Minnesota Recovery Connection2446UniversityAve
Mississippi Market Co-op7407thSt.
Mississippi Market Co-op15007thSt.
Mississippi Market Co-op622SelbyAve.
MLK Center270KentSt.
MN DOT395John IrelandBlvd.
MN Pain Center225UniversityAve.
MN State Office Bldg. Lobby100ConstitutionAve.
MN Women's Bldg Consortium550RiceSt.
Mounds Pk. Utd.Methodist Ch1049EuclidSt.
Mt Airy Community Center91ArchSt.
My Living Room Café2038MarshallAve.
Neighborhood House179RobieSt
Nina's Coffee House165WesternAve.
NUWAY – University Counseling Center1246 UniversityAve S
Open Cities Health Center409DunlapSt.
Pad Thai Restaurant1681GrandAve.
Pappys Eatery1783MarylandAve
Phalen Village Medicine1414MarylandAve
Pizza Luce1183SelbyAve.
Presbyterian Homes20ExchangeSt.
Professional Rehab Consultant391PleasantAve.
Public Health Center555CedarSt.
Ramsey Cty. Library995RiceSt.
Ramsey Health Clinic1919UniversityAve.
Ronald Hubbs Center1030UniversityAve
Roosevelt Community Center1578AmesAve.
Salvation Army1019PayneAve
Schneider Drug2400UniversityAve
Shuang Hur Supermarket654UniversityAve
Sister Rosalind's621ClevelandAve.
SkyWay CityCenter445MinnesotaSt.
Small Animal Hospital-U of M1365GotnerAve
St Paul Board of Education360ColborneSt.
St. Anthony Park Library2245ComoAve.
St. Joseph's Hospital,29ExchangeSt.
St. Paul Tech Library235MarshallAve.
St. Thomas University2115SummitAve.
State Capitol Bldg-Café75ConstitutionAve.
Student Placement2102UniversityAve
Suds America2045MarshallAve.
Swift Mart7817thSt.
Taste of Scandinavia2900RiceSt.
Tea Garden1692GrandAve.
Tea House1676SuburbanAve.
Team Inc.700TransferRd.
The Bean Factory1342ThomasAve.
The Emily Program2265ComoAve.
The Recovery Church253StateSt.
Tritinty Sober Homes983AshlandAve.
Trotters Bakery/Café232ClevelandAve.
TwinCities Rise1600UniversityAve
U of M McNeal Hall1985BufordAve.
Victoria Crossing-East Mall857GrandAve.
Wellspring Natural Clinic905JeffersonAve.
West Side Community Center1544TimberlakeRd.
Whole Foods Market30FairviewAve.
Whole Foods Market1575SelbyAve.
Wilder Center451LexingtonPkwy.
Wm.Mitchell College of Law875SummitAve.
YWCA-Cathedral Hill375SelbyAve.
ABC Family Counseling229 Jackson St. #136Anoka55303
Anoka Alano2700 Ferry St. N.Anoka55303
Anoka Human Services 5th flr.2100 3rd Ave.Anoka55303
Anoka Regional Treatment Ctr3301 7th ave.Anoka55303
Anoka Technical College1355 W. Hwy 10Anoka55303
Dunn Bros.3841 St. Francis Blvd.Anoka55303
River Place Counseling Ctr.1814 Ferry St. N.Anoka55303
Shiloh House1410 Ferry St. S.Anoka55303
Trust In Us2321 7th Ave.Anoka55303
Dakota Co. W. Service Center14955 Galaxie Ave.Apple Valley55124
Galaxie Library14955 Galaxie Ave.Apple Valley55124
Bayport Library582 4th St. N.Bayport55003
Anoka Co. Comm. Ctr.1201 89th Ave. NEBlaine55434
Mary A Young Senior Ctr.9150 Central Ave. NEBlaine55434
MN School of Business3680 Pheasant Ridge Dr.Blaine55449
Church of St. Edwards9401 Nesbitt Ave. S.Bloomington55437
Creekside Community9801 Penn Ave. S.Bloomington55425
Family & Children Services1101 E. 78th St.Bloomington55420
Lifestyle Counseling Ctr.9613 Girard Ave. S.Bloomington55431
Nutrition Plus609 W. 98th St.Bloomington55420
NW Health Sciences University2501 W. 84th St.Bloomington55431
Oxboro Library8801 Portland Ave. S.Bloomington55425
Penn Lake Library8800 Penn Ave. S.Bloomington55425
Southgate Office Plz. 5th Flr.5001 W. 80th St.Bloomington55437
Transfiguration Lutheran Chrh11000 France Ave. S.Bloomington55431
Unity Church7950 1st Ave. S.Bloomington55420
Brookdale Library6125 Shingle Creek Pkwy.Brooklyn Ctr.55430
MN School of Business5910 Shingle Creek PkwyBrooklyn Ctr.55430
Park Nicollet Medical Ctr.6000 Earle Brown Dr.Brooklyn Ctr.55430
Hennepin Technical College9000 Brooklyn Blvd.Brooklyn Pk.55445
Koom Siab Grocery1506 Brookdale Dr.Brooklyn Pk.55444
Library8600 Zane Ave. N.Brooklyn Pk.55444
North Hennepin CC7411 85th Ave. N.Brooklyn Pk.55445
Rasmussen College8301 93rd Ave. N.Brooklyn Pk.55445
Comm. Drug & Alcohol Svs.501 E. Highway 13 #108Burnsville55337
Dakota Treatment Center11939 River Hills Dr.Burnsville55337
Fairview Behavioral Services156 Cobblestone Ln.Burnsville55337
Open Circle Church2400 Highland Dr.Burnsville55337
River Ridge Treatment Center14750 Lac Lavon Dr.Burnsville55337
Champlin Library12154 Ensign Ave. N.Champlin55316
Chanhassen Library7711 Kerber Blvd.Chanhassen55317
Eckankar7450 Powers Blvd.Chanhassen55317
Marathon Convenience380 Lake Dr. E.Chanhassen55317
Carver Co. Human Services600 E. 4th St.Chaska55318
Chaska Library4 City Hall PlazaChaska55318
Five Stars102 E. 2nd St.Chaska55318
AA Intergroup509 40th Ave. NEColumbia Hts.55421
Anoka Co. Neighbor Center2980 Central Ave. NEColumbia Hts.55421
Unique Thrift Store2201 37th Ave. NEColumbia Hts.55421
Anoka Ramsey CC11200 Mississippi Blvd.Coon Rapids55433
Anoka Ramsey Comm. College11200 Mississippi Blvd. NWCoon Rapids55433
Coon Rapids Senior Center11155 Robinson Dr. NWCoon Rapids55433
Family Life Mental Health Ctr.1930 Coon Rapids BlvdCoon Rapids55433
Kalla Lily Salon & Spa13060 Riverdale Dr.Coon Rapids55448
Mercy Hospital4050 coon Rapids Blvd.Coon Rapids55433
North Suburban Counseling425 Coon Rapids Blvd.Coon Rapids55433
Sober City476 Northdale Blvd.Coon Rapids55448
Unity North Church11499 Martin St. NWCoon Rapids55448
S. Washington Senior Ctr.8400 E. Pt. Douglas Rd.Cottage Grove55016
Half Price Books5600 W. BroadwayCrystal55428
Rockford Rd. Library6401 42nd Ave. N.Crystal55422
Avalon Programs #1001230 Industrial Rd.Eagan55122
Lewis House4345 Nicols Rd.EAgan55122
Valley Lounge3385 Hwy 13Eagan55121
Birchwood Center #1359531 W. 78th St.Eden Prairie55344
Birchwood Center #1459531 W. 78th St.Eden Prairie55344
EP Library565 Prairie Center Dr.Eden Prairie55344
Henn Co Vo Tech13100 Collegeview Rd.Eden Prairie55347
Pax Christie12100 Pioneer TrailEden Prairie55347
Pride Institute14400 Martin Dr.Eden Prairie55344
AMR Barrada Office6950 France Ave. S. #103Edina55435
Club Recovery #6206550 York Ave. S.Edina55435
Fairview Outpatient3400 W. 66th St. #400Edina55435
Library5280 Grandview SquareEdina55435
Professional Recovery Assist.4530 W. 77th St. #240Edina55435
Sobriety Highschool #A5250 W. 73rd St.Edina55439
Southdale Library7001 York aVe. S.Edina55435
Southdale Medical Bldg.6545 France Ave. S.Edina55435
United Methodist Church6345 Xerxes Ave. S.Edina55345
Dunn Bros.19344 Highway 169Elk River55330
Libray343 3rd st. Excelsior55311
Southshore Center5735 Country Club Rd.Excelsior55331
Affiliated Counseling Ctr.7260 University ave. NEFridley55432
Bob's Produce Ranch7620 University Ave. NEFridley55432
Community Options5384 5th St. NEFridley55421
Medtronic 710 Medtronic Pkwy.Fridley55432
Residence1611 61st Ave. NEFridley55432
Sampson Chiropractic7400 University aVe. NEFridley55432
Transformation House351 74th Ave. NEFridley55432
Unity Hosp-Substance Abuse550 Osborne Rd. NEFridley55432
Dunn Bros.675 Winnetka Ave. N.Golden Valley55422
Einstein's Bagels7752 Olson Mem. HwyGolden Valley55130
Library830 Winnetka Ave. N.Golden Valley55427
Unity Christ Church4000 Golden Valley Rd.Golden Valley55422
Soderquist SuperValu17525 Highway 65 NEHam Lake55304
Dunn Bros.4 Shady Oak Rd.Hopkins55429
Hopkins Library22 11th Ave. N.Hopkins55343
Teens Alone915 MainstreetHopkins55343
The Depot Coffee Shop9451 Excelsior Blvd.Hopkins55343
Inver Glen Library8098 Blaine Ave.Inver Grove Hts55128
InnerLight Healing Center17305 Cedar Ave. S. #230Lakeville55044
Library20085 heritage Dr.Lakeville55337
Century College East3401 Century Ave. N.Mahtomedi55121
Library763 Stillwater Rd.Mahtomedi55115
Dunn Bros.7899 main St. N.Maple Grove55369
Library8801 Main St. N.Maple Grove55369
Urgent Care9825 Hospital Dr.Maple Grove55311
Benedictine Center2675 Benet Dr.Maplewood55109
Maplewood Alano1955 Prosperity Dr.Maplewood55109
Maplewood Library3025 Southlawn Dr.Maplewood55109
Phoenix Group Homes2055 White Bear Ave. N.Maplewood55109
Medina Inn400 Highway 55Medina55340
2nd Moon Coffee2225 E. Franklin Ave.Minneapolis55404
3 R's2220 Central Ave. NEMinneapolis55418
Abbott-Northwestern Hosp.800 E. 28th St. 4th Flr.Minneapolis55407
Acadia329 Cedar Ave. S.Minneapolis55454
African-American Family Svs.2616 Nicollet ave. S.Minneapolis55408
Alano Society2218 1st Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
Aliveness Project730 E. 38th St.Minneapolis55407
Alliance Apts.719 E. 16th St.Minneapolis55404
Alliance Clinic3329 University Ave. SEMinneapolis55414
American Indian OIC1845 E. Franklin Ave.Minneapolis55404
Anishinabe Home1500 E. Franklin Ave.Minneapolis55404
Assoc. Clinic of Psych #2103100 W. Lake St.Minneapolis55416
Augsburg Christensen Center720 22nd Ave. S.Minneapolis55454
Bergen's SuperValu4715 Cedar Ave. S.Minneapolis55407
Birchwood Café3311 E. 25th St.Minneapolis55406
Blue Moon Café3822 E. Lake St.Minneapolis55405
Butter3544 Grand Ave. S.Minneapolis55408
C. McGee's Deli901 3rd St. N.Minneapolis55401
Caribou Coffee651 Nicollet MallMinneapolis55402
Catholic Charities1624 Chicago Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
Chateau Coop Apartments425 13th Ave. SEMinneapolis55414
Chrysalis4432 Chicago Ave. S.Minneapolis55407
Cloud Walk Health Center224 W. Franklin Ave.Minneapolis55404
Create Inc.1911 Pleasant Ave. S.Minneapolis55403
Crossroads2823 Wayzata Blvd.Minneapolis55405
Crosstown Market5750 34th Ave. S.Minneapolis55417
CUHCC2001 Bloomington Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
Dunn Bros.201 3rd Ave. N.Minneapolis55401
Dunn Bros.3348 Hennepin Ave. S.Minneapolis55405
Dunn Bros.5008 Xerxes Ave. S.Minneapolis55410
Dunn Bros.2814 W. 43rd St.Minneapolis55410
Eastside Neighborhood Svs.1700 2nd St. NEMinneapolis55413
Eden Programs1025 Portland Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
Electric Fetus2010 4th Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
Espresso Royale1229 Hennepin Ave.Minneapolis55403
Fairview Recovery Services2312 S. 6th St. #575Minneapolis55454
Fireroast Mountain Café3800 37th Ave. S.Minneapolis55406
Fremont Community Clinic3300 Fremont Ave. N.Minneapolis55412
Genesis II3036 University Ave. SEMinneapolis55414
Green Mill2626 Hennepin Ave. S.Minneapolis55408
Hamilton Manor1314 44th Ave. N.Minneapolis55412
Henn Ave. United Methodist511 Groveland Ave.Minneapolis55403
Hennepin Co. Health Lobby525 Portland Ave. SMinneapolis55415
Hennepin County1800 Chicago Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
Hennepin Faculty Associates807 Park Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
House of Charity510 S. 8th St.Minneapolis55404
Incarnation House2120 Clinton ave. S.Minneapolis55404
Indian Women Resource Ctr.2300 15th Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
Isles Bun & Coffee1424 W. 28th St.Minneapolis55408
Joyce United Methodist Churc1219 W. 31st St.Minneapolis55408
Judson Family Center4101 Harriet ave. S.Minneapolis55409
KFAI Radio1808 Riverside Ave.Minneapolis55454
Lagoon Cinema1320 Lagoon Ave.Minneapolis55408
Lake Harriet Comm. Church4401 Upton Ave. S.Minneapolis55410
Las Amerikadas1522 E. Lake St.Minneapolis55407
Linden Hills Co-op3815 Sunnyside Ave.Minneapolis55410
Longfellow Comm. Ctr.3435 36th ave. S.Minneapolis55406
Lyndale Church3046 Aldrich Ave. S.Minneapolis55408
Lyndale United Church810 W. 31st. St.Minneapolis55408
May Day Café3440 Bloomington Ave. S.Minneapolis55407
MCTC1501 Hennepin Ave.Minneapolis55403
Meditation Center631 University Ave. NEMinneapolis55413
Minnehaha Center2105 Minnehaha Ave.Minneapolis55404
MN Center for Book Arts1011 Washington Ave. S.Minneapolis55415
MN Inst. For Relationships416 E. Hennepin Ave. #131Minneapolis55414
MPLS Public Health Center250 4th St. S.Minneapolis55415
Muddy Waters2933 Lyndale Ave. S.Minneapolis55405
Nokomis Beach Coffee4956 28th Ave. S.Minneapolis55417
Nokomis Wellness Center4201 E. 54th St.Minneapolis55417
Northern Sun Merchandise2916 E. Lake St.Minneapolis55406
Northpoint Health Center1313 Penn Ave. N.Minneapolis55411
Operation De Novo #610800 Washington Ave. N.Minneapolis55401
OverFlow Espresso Café2929 University Ave. SEMinneapolis55414
Park Ave. Center2525 Park Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
Park Ave. Center1505 Park Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
Park House HIV/AIDS Health710 E. 24th St. #303Minneapolis55404
Parkside Professional Bldg.825 8th St. S.Minneapolis55404
Pathway's3115 Hennepin Ave. S.Minneapolis55408
Peace Coffee3262 Minnehaha Ave.Minneapolis55406
People's Center425 20th Ave. S.Minneapolis55454
Pillsbury House3501 Chicago Ave. S.Minneapolis55407
Pillsbury Waite House2529 13th Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
Plymouth Church1900 LaSalle Ave.Minneapolis55403
Present Moments3546 Grand Ave. S.Minneapolis55408
Prodigal House Treatment5103 Minnehaha Ave. S.Minneapolis55417
Quality Coaches20 W. 38th St.Minneapolis55409
Recovery Resource Center1900 Chicago Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
Red Door Clinic-4th Floor525 Portland Ave. SMinneapolis55415
Residence5733 14th Ave. S.Minneapolis55414
Riverside Rehabilitation Ctr.2512 7th St. S.Minneapolis55454
Riverview Café3753 42nd Ave. S.Minneapolis55406
Royal Grounds4161 Grand ave. S.Minneapolis55409
Sabathani Comm. Ctr.310 E. 38th St. #106Minneapolis55409
Salvation Army 1000 Currie Ave.Minneapolis55403
Salvation Army Adult Rehab900 N. 4th St.Minneapolis55401
Sebastian Joe's1007 W. Franklin Ave.Minneapolis55405
Seward Co-op2111 E. Franklin Ave.Minneapolis55404
Sexual Violence Center3757 Fremont Ave. N.Minneapolis55412
Spectrum Housing1825 Chicago Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
St. Albert The Great2833 32nd Ave. S.Minneapolis55406
St. Lukes Episcopal Church4557 Colfax Ave. S.Minneapolis55419
St. Mary's College 2nd flr.2500 Park Ave. S.Minneapolis55404
St. Mary's Hospital2414 7th St. S.Minneapolis55454
Summit Academy OIC935 Olson Memorial HwyMinneapolis55411
Sumner Library611 Van White Blvd N.Minneapolis55411
Tao Natural Foods2200 Hennepin Ave. S.Minneapolis55405
Temple Israel2324 Emerson ave. S.Minneapolis55405
The Emily Program5354 Parkdale Dr., Ste 200Minneapolis55416
The Loft66 Malcolm Ave. SEMinneapolis55414
Tubman Family Alliance111 W. 31st St.Minneapolis55408
Twin Cities Rise #203800 Washington Ave. N.Minneapolis55401
U of M Dept. of Medicine516 Delaware St. SEMinneapolis55455
U of M Good Semaritan Ctr.22 27th Ave. SEMinneapolis55414
U of M Morrill Hall100 Church St. SEMinneapolis55455
U of M office Bldg.1300 2nd St. S.Minneapolis55454
U of M School of Journalism206 Church St.Minneapolis55454
UofM Program Human Sexuality1300 2nd St. S.Minneapolis55454
Uptown Office Bldg.3249 Hennepin Ave. S.Minneapolis55408
Uptown Theatre2906 Hennepin Ave. S.Minneapolis55408
UTEC Center1313 5th St. SEMinneapolis55414
VA Medical Center1 Veterans Dr.Minneapolis55417
Wedge Co-op2105 Lyndale Ave. S.Minneapolis55405
Wesley United Methodist101 E. Grant St.Minneapolis55403
Whittier Co-op2609 Blaisdel Ave. S.Minneapolis55408
Whittier Elementary School315 W. 26th St. Rm 135Minneapolis55404
Whole Foods3060 Excelsior Blvd.Minneapolis55416
YWCA 1130 Nicollet MallMinneapolis55403
YWCA Midtown2121 E. Lake St.Minneapolis55407
YWCA Uptown2808 Hennepin Ave. S.Minneapolis55408
Great Harvest Bread Co.17416 Minnetonka Blvd.Minnetonka55345
Jewish Family & Children Svs.13100 Wayzata Blvd. #300Minnetonka55305
Lakewinds Natural Co-op17501 Minnetonka Blvd.Minnetonka55345
MTKa Library17524 Excelsior Blvd.Minnetonka55343
Nutrition Plus13111 Ridgedale Dr.Minnetonka55305
Ridgedale Library12601 Ridgedale Dr.Minnetonka55305
St. Mary's University12450 Wayzata Blvd.Minnetonka55305
Library2079 Commerce Blvd.Mound 55364
Tonka Alano5098 Three Points Blvd.Mound55364
Alano Club2284 County Rd. IMoundsview55112
MN Inst. Public Health2720 Highway 10 NEMoundsview55112
Ramsey County Library2576 Highway 10Moundsview55112
Diamond's Coffee1618 Central Ave. NEMPLS55418
Dunn Bros.4648 E. Lake St.MPLS55406
East Lake Community Library2727 E. Lake St.MPLS55406
Milda's Café1720 Glenwood Ave. N.MPLS55411
Mill City Coffee2205 California St. NEMPLS55418
Nokomis Café5408 34th Ave. S.MPLS55417
North Regional Library (NO DELIVERY UNTIL 3/2021)1315 Lowry Ave. N.MPLS55411
Pierre Bottineau Library55 Broadway St. NEMPLS55413
Sister Sludge4557 Bloomington Ave. S.MPLS55407
Tarracino Coffee224 E. Hennepin Ave.MPLS55413
Turtle Bread Bakery4762 Chicago Ave. S.MPLS55417
Wilde Roast Coffee65 Main St. SEMPLS55414
Whole Foods1001 Plymouth Rd.Mtka55430
MN Workforce #22098 11th Ave. N.N. St. Paul55109
Amythest Counseling1405 Silver Lake Rd. NWNew Brighton55112
Meridian Behavioral Health550 Main St. #230New Brighton55112
Veteran's Resource Center550 E. County Rd. D #10New Brighton55112
Unique Thrift Store4471 Winnetka Ave. N.New Hope55432
Human Services Inc.7066 Stillwater Blvd. N.Oakdale55128
SOS Recovery Room1417 Helmo Ave. N.Oakdale55128
Library415 Central Ave.Osseo55369
Dunn Bros.3195 Vicksburg LanePlymouth55441
Hazelden Clinic11505 36th Ave. N.Plymouth55441
Mission Lodge3409 E. Medicine Lk. Blvd.Plymouth55441
MN School of Business1455 County Rd. 101Plymouth55447
NW Family Physicians1495 County Rd. 101 N.Plymouth55447
Lakers Alano4646 Colorado St. SEPrior Lake55372
Library16100 Eagle Creek Ave.Prior Lake55372
Lifestyle-Loren Novack #C14162 Commerce Ave. #400Prior Lake55372
Wendell'sSt. Francis Blvd.Ramsey55303
Cedar Point Therapy6636 Cedar Ave. S. #380Richfield55423
Einstein's Bagels704 W. 78th St.Richfield55410
Annex Teen Medical Clinic4915 N. 42nd Ave.Robbinsdale55422
Birdtown Café4135 W. BroadwayRobbinsdale55422
Oakdale Medical3366 Oakdale ave. N.Robbinsdale55422
Robbin Alano4055 Regent ave. NRobbinsdale55422
Robert Trail Library14395 S. Robert TrailRosemount55333
Fairview Community Center1910 County Rd. B. W.Roseville55113
Ramsey Cty. Library2180 Hamline Ave. N.Roseville55113
Volunteers of America-Avalon1771 Kent St.Roseville55113
Library13090 Alabama Ave. S.Savage55378
Unity of the Valley4011 Highway 13 W.Savage55378
The Haven in Shakopee275 First Ave. E.Shakopee55379
Fresh & Natural Foods1075 Highway 96Shoreview55117
NW Youth & Family Services3490 Lexington Ave. N.Shoreview55126
Shoreview Library4570 Victoria St. N.Shoreview55126
Wellsprings Living Center5100 Hodgson Rd.Shoreview55126
Women's Recovery Center5100 Hodgson Rd.Shoreview55126
Library-S. St. Paul106 3rd Ave. N.South St. Paul55075
S. St. Paul Alano301 3rd Ave. S.South St. Paul55075
Key's Café8299 University Ave. NEspring lake pk55432
The Emily Program2265 Como AveSt Paul55108
Library2941 Pentagon Dr.St. Anthony55418
Half Price Books5017 Excelsior Blvd.St. Louis Park55426
Jewish Comm. Center4330 Cedar Lake Rd. S.St. Louis Park55416
Library3240 Library Ln.St. Louis Park55426
Money Gram Tower1550 Utica Ave. S.St. Louis Park55416
Perspectives3381 Gorham Ave.St. Louis Park55426
Wayside House3705 Park Center Blvd.St. Louis Park55416
AAFS1041 Selby Ave.St. Paul55104
Abu Nader Grocery & Deli2095 Como Ave.St. Paul55108
Alano-Eastside1099 Payne Ave.St. Paul55130
Alternatives1706 University Ave. W.St. Paul55104
Appollo Resource Center25 Dale St. N.St. Paul55102
Aspen Medical Clinic1020 Bandana Blvd. W.St. Paul55108
Associated Bank176 Snelling Ave. N.St. Paul55104
Avalon-Midway1885 University Ave. #246St. Paul55104
Bethel Care Center420 Marshall Ave.St. Paul55102
Black Bear Crossings on the Lk.1360 Lexington Pkwy N.St. Paul55103
Breaking Free, Inc.770 University Ave. #2165St. Paul55104
Brewberry's Coffee475 Fairview Ave. S.St. Paul55105
Cahoots Coffee Bar1562 Selby Ave.St. Paul55104
Caribou Coffee1055 Grand Ave.St. Paul55105
Caribou Coffee757 Grand Ave.St. Paul55105
Carondelete Center1890 Randolph Ave.St. Paul55105
Catholic Charities1276 University Ave W.St. Paul55104
Centennial Bldg. Café658 Cedar St.St. Paul55101
Center For Grief1133 Grand Ave.St. Paul55105
Coeur De Catherine East ent.2004 Randolph Ave.St. Paul55105
Coffee Grounds1579 Hamline Ave. N.St. Paul55108
Coll. St. Kates-Durham Hall2004 Randolph Ave.St. Paul55105
Con Amore Café917 Grand Ave.St. Paul55105
Conceptual Counseling287 6th St. E.St. Paul55101
Concordia Coll.-Student Union1301 Marshall Ave.St. Paul55104
Concordia College #121275 Syndicate St. N.St. Paul55104
Concordia College Admin Lobby`275 Syndicate St. N.St. Paul55105
Cosmic Coffee189 Snelling Ave. N.St. Paul55104
Crescenterra Health Center245 Prior Ave. N.St. Paul55104
D&L Food & Gas626 Larpenteur Ave. W.St. Paul55113
Day by Day Café477 W. 7th St.St. Paul55102
DNR500 Lafayette Rd. N.St. Paul55101
Downtown Alano520 Robert St. N.St. Paul55101
Dunn Bros.367 Wabasha St. N.St. Paul55102
Dunn Bros.1569 Grand Ave.St. Paul55105
Fellowship Club680 Stewart Ave.St. Paul55102
Finnish Bistro2264 Como Ave.St. Paul55108
Golden Thyme Coffee921 Selby Ave.St. Paul55104
Hamline Park Plaza-Lobby570 Asbury St.St. Paul55104
Hamline Univ.-Library1518 Hewitt Ave.St. Paul55104
Hampden Park Co-op928 Raymond Ave.St. Paul55114
Hart House550 Galtier St.St. Paul55103
Hayden Heights Library1456 White Bear Ave. N.St. Paul55106
Healtheast Midway Hospital1690 University Ave. W.St. Paul55104
Highland Family Physicians1540 Randolph Ave.St. Paul55106
Highland Park Library1978 Ford Pkwy.St. Paul55116
Hmong Cultural Center995 University Ave. W.St. Paul55104
Juel Fairbanks Chem. Dep.806 Albert St. N.St. Paul55104
Key's Café767 Raymond Ave.St. Paul55114
Lawyers Concerned for Lawyer2550 University Ave. #313NSt. Paul55114
Library-Merriam Park1831 Marshall Ave.St. Paul55104
Library-Quatrefoil #1051619 Dayton Ave.St. Paul55104
Library-Rondo461 Dale St. N.St. Paul55103
Lori's Coffee House1441 Cleveland Ave. N.St. Paul55108
Loyola Spirituality Center389 Oxford St. N.St. Paul55104
Lutheran Social Services590 Park St. #310St. Paul55103
Mai Village384 University Ave. W.St. Paul55103
Mary Missionaries Ministries313 Dale St. N. #201St. Paul55103
Mastel Health Foods1526 St. Clair Ave.St. Paul55105
Mental Health Resources1821 University Ave N464St. Paul55104
Metro Loft2388 University ave. W.St. Paul55114
Mississippi Market Co-op1500 W. 7th St.St. Paul55102
MLK Center270 Kent St.St. Paul55102
MN DOT395 John Ireland Blvd.St. Paul55155
MN Pain Center225 University Ave. W.St. Paul55103
MN State Office Bldg. Lobby100 Constitution Ave.St. Paul55101
MN Women's Bldg Consortium550 Rice St.St. Paul55103
Model Family Dvlpmnt. Ctr.839 University Ave. W.St. Paul55104
Mounds Pk. Utd.Methodist Ch1049 Euclid St.St. Paul55106
My Living Room Café2038 Marshall Ave.St. Paul55104
Nina's Coffee House165 Western Ave. N.St. Paul55102
Nutritional Weight/Well. Ctr.708 Cleveland Ave. S..St. Paul55116
Open Cities Health Center409 Dunlap St. N.St. Paul55104
Pastor Annie Bell Clay313 Dale St. N. #211St. Paul55103
Pathway's1919 University Ave. W.St. Paul55104
Pizza Luce1183 Selby Ave.St. Paul55104
Presbyterian Homes20 Exchange St. E.St. Paul55101
Professional Rehab Consultant391 Pleasant Ave.St. Paul55102
Psychiatric Office2550 University Ave. #312St. Paul55103
Public Health Center555 Cedar St.St. Paul55101
Ramsey Cty. Library995 Rice St.St. Paul55117
Ramsey Health Clinic1919 University Ave. W.St. Paul55104
Re-Entry Metro444 Lynnhurst Ave. W.St. Paul55104
Regions ADAP #55445 Etna St.St. Paul55106
Regions ADAP #55445 Etna St.St. Paul55101
Ronald Hubbs Center1030 University Ave. W.St. Paul55104
S. Metro Human Services400 Sibley St. #500St. Paul55101
Sally's Maytag Laundry944 Rice St.St. Paul55117
Sister Rosalind's621 Cleveland Ave. S.St. Paul55116
St. Anthony Park Library2245 Como Ave.St. Paul55108
St. Joseph's Hospital,29 W. Exchange St.St. Paul55102
St. Paul Tech Library235 Marshall Ave.St. Paul55102
St. Thomas University2115 Summit Ave.St. Paul55105
State Capitol Bldg-Café75 Constitution Ave.St. Paul55101
Tapestry135 E. Colorado St.St. Paul55107
Team Inc.700 Transfer Rd.St. Paul55114
The Bean Factory1342 Thomas Ave.St. Paul55104
The Edge Coffee House2399 University ave. W.St. Paul55414
The Recovery Church253 State St.St. Paul55107
TPT172 4th St. E.St. Paul55101
Tritinty Sober Homes983 Ashland Ave.St. Paul55106
Trotters Bakery/Café232 Cleveland ave. N.St. Paul55104
Twin Cities Rise460 Lexington Ave. N.St. Paul55104
U of M Classroom1994 Buford Ave.St. Paul55108
U of M McNeal Hall1985 Buford Ave.St. Paul55108
Victoria Crossing-East Mall857 Grand Ave.St. Paul55105
Wellspring Natural Clinic905 Jefferson Ave. #202St. Paul55102
West End955 7th St. W.St. Paul55102
Wm.Mitchell College of Law875 Summit Ave.St. Paul55105
Women of Nations73 Leech St.St. Paul55102
Women Venture #1202324 University Ave. W.St. Paul55114
YMCA-Midway1761 University Ave. W.St. Paul55104
YWCA-Cathedral Hill375 Selby Ave.St. Paul55102
Avalon Program #1031825 Curve Crest Blvd. W.Stillwater55082
Human Services Inc.375 Orleans St. E.Stillwater55082
Library-Stillwater224 3rd St. N.Stillwater55082
Dunn Bros.935 County Rd. EVadnais hts.55116
Dakota Co. N. Service Center1 Mendota Rd. W. #300W. St. Paul55118
Dakota Cty. Library199 Wentworth Ave. E.W. St. Paul55118
Mother Natures1668 Robert St. S.W. St. Paul55118
Sister Rosalind's149 Thompson Ave. E. 160W. St. Paul55118
Wilder Foundation Humb. Apt516 Humboldt Ave.W. St. Paul55107
Library620 Rice St. E.Wayzata55391
The Retreat1221 Wayzata Blvd. E.Wayzata55391
Caribou Coffee4733 Highway 61White Bear Lk.55129
Cedar Ridge Chemical Dep.1993 9th St.White Bear Lk.55110
Century College West3300 Century Ave.N.White Bear Lk.55120
Craving's Café1600 E. County Rd. EWhite Bear Lk.55119
Sassafras Health Foods2226 3rd St.White Bear Lk.55110
WBL Library4698 Clark Ave.White Bear Lk.55110
Globe College8089 Globe Dr.Woodbury55125
Haven Chemical Health Sys.2042 Wooddale Dr. #220Woodbury55125
Valley Creek Mall-Main Ent.1750 Weir Dr.Woodbury55125
Washington Co. Library8595 Central Park Pl.Woodbury55125
Woodwinds Resource Center1925 Woodwinds Dr.Woodbury55125
Sage Prairie1440 Duckwood DriveEagan55112
Vinland National Center3675 Ihduhapi RoadLoretto55357

Last Updated on May 24, 2022