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Finding Hope by Being Close to Others

A real friend is the gift of a lifetime. It is special someone who is in your life in a significant way. Good friendship is a sacred two-sided connection with a person we have much in common with yet also respects differences with each other. A real friend knows our worst qualities and challenges us …

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Why Is It So Hard to Have a Close Friend?

When all is said and done, it’s the time we spend with friends that gives life meaning. —Abraham Lincoln Finding and keeping an authentic friend is hard for all of us. Sometimes a true friend may feel impossible to find. In fact there are no perfect friends out there for us to have. Some people …

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When a Friend Has Faith

friends and faith

I told my friend I thought my life was a waste. She shook her head no. Through my endless use of profanities, and despite my angry outbursts toward her she still believed in me. She kept calling me back to her side. She never abandoned me. Still, my spirit was raging with fear that my …

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