Problem Gambling Prevention Efforts Always a Smart Play

About 22% of Minnesotans, regardless of their own participation in gambling, have been negatively affected by the gambling behaviors of others. Problem gambling is not simply a bad habit: It’s an addiction that isolates people and leaves them feeling despondent and hopeless. Problem gambling affects families and communities through unemployment, loss of housing, and more. …

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Changes to Allow More Choice for Those Getting Treatment

Drug and alcohol addictions are life-altering conditions with severe ramifications. With over half a million Minnesotans battling a substance use disorder, timely access to effective treatment remains crucial. In 2021, less than half the people in the state with a substance use disorder received treatment. Reasons for not getting treatment vary from person to person, …

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Red Lake Nation Puts Humans First in Providing Human Services

The Red Lake Nation has transformed its approach to human services, adapting the services to the people instead of the other way around. It’s making a difference. Red Lake Nation’s new human services program, Ombimindwaa Gidinawemaaganinaadog (“Uplifting Our Relatives”), is based on the Anishinaabe language, culture, traditions, beliefs and values. Intergenerational family wellness is the …

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Self-empowerment Through Peer Recovery Support

People in long-term recovery know the drill. They have been down. They got up. And they’re staying up. With some training and supervision, they can share their experience, understanding and reassurance with others who are recovering from substance use disorder. In fact, they may be able to help others become ready and willing to seek …

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Traditional Healing for Native American Communities

Traditional healing is a relatively new program based on well-established “tried and tested” methods. The nature of traditional healing is based upon knowledge and sacred ceremonies passed through the generations, carefully taught, and intrinsically linked to the respect of the communities. The Minnesota Department of Human Services’ Traditional Healing for Native Communities program, which is …

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The State of Minnesota’s Problem Gambling, Culturally Specific Awareness Initiative

Minnehaha Falls Minneapolis MN

Problem gambling negatively affects individuals, families, and communities in Minnesota. The behavior patterns associated with problem gambling compromise activities of daily living such as relationships, education and vocational opportunities, personal and financial well-being, substance use, emotional stability, physical health, and housing. Problem gambling also impacts families and other loved ones. It contributes to chaos and …

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