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Ask the Expert: Patricia Rogers of Body to Brain

We’ll feature an expert in the mental health and substance use disorder field to answer questions Q: How can body awareness impact recovery? Many approaches to addiction recovery incorporate a variety of practices that improve body awareness, including yoga, meditation, mindfulness-based interventions and CranioSacral therapy. These practices foster awareness of inner bodily sensations, which may …

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Minnesota Substance Use Disorder Telehealth Providers

The following list consists of substance use disorder programs/providers in Minnesota that list have listed their telehealth, telemedicine and virtual groups on Fast-Tracker (as of the end of August 2020). It’s easy to find a list of those who offer telehealth by going to the SUD side search page at sud.fasttrackermn.org. Search using “telehealth” under …

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We Need to Take a Closer Look at Tobacco

Let’s talk tobacco. If you’re reading this article, it means recovery is important to you or someone you know. Maybe you’ve put in the work and made recovery a priority in your life. If so, honor yourself for that hard work. Maybe someone in your family is struggling and you just want to find some …

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