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The Need to Be Supported and to Support

As we begin a new year, things around us seem quite chaotic — close to home and far away from home. This situation can be very triggering to people like me who wrestle with addictive tendencies. It can be especially strong if you are experiencing — for whatever reason — isolation and disconnection. I am …

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From Hopeless to Hope

A new year has begun, and I hear deep yearnings for hopefulness in the people I connect with in and out of the recovering communities. This has led me to reflect upon hope and what can help us both develop and maintain hope. Consider these three dimensions: Imaginative, cognitive, and supportive. My reflections upon hope …

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Resilience: Needed More Than Ever Today

As we live through these very challenging times, I can’t imagine anyone arguing about the need for developing resilience. This is especially true for those of us in recovery from addictions, whatever be our addiction or addictions. In this article, I’d like to suggest four practices that I have found helpful in developing resilience. The …

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Is 50 the New 35? It Depends

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Baby Boomers, the generation that is 77 million strong, born between 1946 and 1964, have always assumed that they would live longer and healthier than their parents’ generation. The promise of ongoing youth, health and vitality was the accepted belief. However, there are some rocky obstacles on this road to healthy aging that have roots …

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