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World History of Drugs (Part VI)

The following is the final article in a six-part series from author, George Lewis. Opinions expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of The Phoenix Spirit. In “Part VI” of the World History of Drugs, you will meet the pawns in this deadly game of politics and drugs. You will learn how the …

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World History of Drugs (Part V)

The following is part five in a series by author, George Lewis.  The 80s have arrived and the election of Reagan, drugs, and the Nicaraguan Civil War begins the evolution of the Iran-Contra Scandal, the betrayal of America in general and the betrayal of Black and Brown America specifically is about to take place. The …

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World History of Drugs (Part IV)

The following is part four in a series by author, George Lewis.  The year is 1980 and America is in upheaval at every level of society, distrust of government and the power structure is the norm. Jimmy Carter’s failed attempt at rescuing the Americans that were taken hostage at the American Embassy in Teheran on …

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