Women in Recovery Offer Connection

Their backgrounds are unique, their stories vary and their recovery programs may differ, but they are all women in recovery that come together to heal, transform and most importantly to connect.

Women in Recovery (WIR) is a monthly speaker series held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at The Retreat in Wayzata. Their mission is to create a caring community that provides education, spiritual insight, and growth opportunities for women in all 12-Step recovery programs.

Each month, WIR gathers to learn and grow around issues of universal concern to women in all forms of recovery. From relationships to health and wellness, from finances to dating and sexuality, speakers look to cover topics that expand and deepen the personal healing and transformation we all seek.

By providing an opportunity for women in recovery to connect with each other and build relationships, WIR nurtures, renews or transforms not only personal programs — but lives. WIR invites more women to join them as their journey into the Great Reality continues, “healing our pasts and blessing our futures.”

On Wednesday, March 23rd author Gloria Englund will share her insights about Resilience as a Path to Recovery. What are the characteristics of a resilient life? How do we discover them and keep them part of our daily experience of recovery? Gloria will address what self-care practices can help you discover and preserve the factors of a resilient life: balance, meaningful connections and joy.

Women in Recovery meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month between January and October. Refreshments and fellowship begin at 6:30pm, followed by programming at 7pm.

For additional information, directions, and a list of past and future speakers please visit www.theretreat.org/women-in-recovery or call The Retreat at 952-476-0566. Women in Recovery is sponsored by The Retreat – a community based recovery program grounded in the spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and located in Wayzata, MN.

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Last Updated on April 3, 2020