A Sober Retreat in the Minnesota North Woods

The Fellowship Lodge at Lakeplace / Photo courtesy of Lakeplace Foundation

Dennis Medved, aged 89, and his late wife Bev, had a vision. They wanted to provide a place of healing and renewal for those in care for chemical dependency. Both sober themselves – Dennis with 48 years sobriety and Bev with 42 years sobriety when she passed – they understood the challenges associated with becoming sober. The couple purchased a lakeside property 35 years ago and, for nearly four decades, they provided a service to over 6,000 clients in this Minnesota north woods community.

This healing sanctuary is now aiming to become exclusively available for independent AA groups, Alano societies, and their associated couples’ gatherings across Minnesota. The place? The Lakeplace Foundation Inc.

Reserve a healing retreat with your group

The Lakeplace Foundation Inc. is described by the foundation as a “highly spiritual place,” a place where you and your group (from 4 to 20 people) can “share your own strengths, hopes, and experiences.”

Amenities include:

  • Onsite 24/7 staff available
  • Boating and fishing year-round. You can even bring your own boat!
  • Basketball, volleyball, and horseshoes
  • Library and fitness room
  • Woodworking shop
  • Various community areas (inside and outside)
  • A 12-step onsite Wilderness Walk

There is no cost of staying for a weekend or a week at this beautiful place due to generous donations (always welcome, although there is no obligation) from guests and The Lakeplace Foundation Inc.

A lasting legacy

Medved has made sure that the Lakeplace Foundation Inc. continue to provide a place of retreat and sanctuary after his death. In 2023, the Lakeplace Foundation Inc., was set up to be the beneficiary of all the assets of the Lakeplace Retreat Center Specific Benefit Trust Inc. and Medved’s personal trust. This includes all the cabins and the guest house retreat “for the benefit of recovering chemically dependent persons, including those from AA, NA, Alanon, Alano Societies and Associated Couples Groups.”

Subsequently, the place which has offered sanctuary and retreat to thousands of people in sobriety for nearly four decades will continue to offer shelter, respite, and a safe place for many more people and years to come.

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To learn more visit Lakeplace Foundation’s website, where brochures are available for download.  Please Note: The descriptive brochure and the video tour on the website are intended for the future possible use by Lakeplace Foundation of all facilities for the exclusive benefit of independent AA groups, Alano Societies, NA, Alanon and Associated Couples. The three cabins and Guest House are currently used for this purpose. 

Contact the organization directly for more information through the email form on the website or call 218-910-0800.

Last Updated on May 3, 2024

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